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Happened. Komo's Brian Calvert reports live the cash MS coming back when he signed the ban on bump stocks last year. Governor Inslee used the Las Vegas shooting as his illustration for the devices his modified a semiautomatic weapon into essentially a fully automatic weapon a machine gun in all. It's operational effects bump stocks have been banned in our state since last July in that ban. Also, directed state troopers to offer a buyback program to get these things off the street, but there was no money allocated for the buyback we as leaders and lawmakers have to be judged by our actions, and we need actions right now on this scourge. Now, it appears a Senate Bill is swiftly headed for approval. Allowing payment any individual for up to five of the devices, but the clock is ticking. A federal ban on bump stocks takes effect, March twenty sixth after that date law enforcement can seize bump stocks without any sort of reimbursement. Brian Calvert, KOMO news. The city of Lynnwood is moving ahead with plans to buy a motel highway ninety nine and house families with children who are students in the Edmonds school district. We get more on this live from komo's Carleen Johnson. Well, only now are details of this purchase agreement being made public, but the plan is for Lynnwood to buy the rodeo in two hundred seven thousand ninety nine and then work with the Edmonds school district to identify families who need. Housing and could stay there. They ever held reports. A lot of the details though, yet to be finalized, including how they would select those tenants. They've got a Bank bonded to five point one million dollars, which is likely to be approved at tonight's city council. Many that would cover the four million dollar purchase price plus some needed renovations. Now, the city is also receive some grants to support the project and could get more. They say the rodeo and has been a problem spot for police for years that got fifty two rooms there. Now, the Edmund school district says they have more than five hundred families in the district experiencing homelessness that doesn't mean those are families on the street that means they're living in motels or vehicles or doubling up with other family or friends tonight city council meeting seven o'clock at city hall. Carleen Johnson, KOMO news. A stretch of interstate five in Tacoma, which has been plagued by a string of crashes.

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