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You know his projections are not for 35 so if you think he can make have a 35year are a because of these potential changes uh then you can buy him at his projections which are for three ninety or ray uh pretty close to the average uh in you know then then i think um you basically what i'm saying is draft him as a as a third pitcher and the you might have a potential one or two on him in that could be great with care coal you can get him as a third you'd have to be drafting pitching early though because he has he still does get a lot of love in the market um i think while people still see the upside with care call now and they wanna jump in on it by the way for those it might be wunderlich huzzah ballpark affect strikeouts dare cardi answered that um uh later in the in the twitter threatened said there's lots of different ways biggest one is altitude pnc has one of the higher altitudes in the mlb also followed brown while round atmospheric affects ball muddying batter background slash batters i changes in approach based on fence fence stiff distance at cetera there's a lot of different little factors that may be don't think about how a park can influence strike us right 'cause healing we're always thinking about homers right off the top homers in hits like how's the park in fact net expense but there are also these aspects that can infect effect walks and strike adds that are worth noting and minute maid boosts strike at so maybe he's not going to lose the coal coming over wouldn't lose the strike outs of not facing the pitcher because he would gain some and minute maid plus that's even before the factors that you're talking about were houston could alter garrett coal and make him better uh by tweaking has pitch mexico a story along those lines i was talking to justin upton about going to san diego as a draw onto worried about hitting homers ear he said nah i i can hit homers anywhere yet which is the the other reminds me of what bobby evans said that he said he'd never heard fr he's only once heard from a hitter that he didn't want wanna hidden eighteen t part because he said they're all very competitive people may on all wanna think.

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