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And they'll be made to feel at home. But they'll be given the facilities to be able to get better. And I think is a player. That's what you always want. You want to To play for a club that is striving to to achieve things but also to improve use an individual and I think every player will get that here. Thanks, guys. Yeah, Yeah, yeah. Whenever you're ready. All right, folks, that is the press conference for loose city FC. The new team's name is racing Louisville football, Right, So it's the women's. Now Here's the difference between what the guys in the gals are going to be doing. The women. Are we going to be playing in a higher level? This is the top level these air where you're going to see when you watch the Olympics Olympics and yes, women's soccer. This is who you're going to see those players coming to Louisville and or playing for this team. It's going to be all so it's gonna be a great great product, man. I'm really looking forward to just move past covert 19 man and Forced back because by the way, the mens team will be playing this Sunday at Lin Family Stadium. Not all season. Ticket holders get or do all T What? No in in in in India, where they could fit all of them if you were in on the first year, Okay? That's how preference for this game, Okay? And then they'll figure it out after this weekend, But you've been notified. You already have tickets if you've got tickets, right? Pretty sure I'm excited about the women's team that the banker that was on that is doing the sponsorship. He echoed. Everything I said, which was this is gonna be so exciting. He had a daughter that watch that 1999 game. They sold out 55,000 people at then Papa John's Cardinal Stadium When the women's at 1999 team came through and played and it was just you were like this. Why don't we go in that direction, then we should have But it's fun. And then, of course, you've got coach the old coach come on, and talk about the new school or academy that they're going to open, which is going to be just down the way on River Road. That is the way the Europeans have been doing it forever. I mean, you basically when you're six or seven, and you got talent, you don't play for some travel team. You go to the schools that have school and they have these soccer academy. So Lou are obsolete. America is catching up today. Here's what I will say to lose city FC men..

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