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XXY FM ninety six point one Oklahoma City tension with the governor over the state budget good morning I'm Jacquelyn stunned the KDLT news center Sankardev mild and sunshine are forecast is coming up in announcing a seven point seven billion dollar budget agreement yesterday state senator Roger Thompson of okina who chairs the Senate budget committee alleged governor Kevin Stitt walked out of budget negotiations in mid March the constitution article five section fifty five bills legislature Judy rod to budget and as a speaker talked about earlier we have done our duty outcomes to show this year a statement from the governor's office as the governor categorically denies the notion that he ever walked out of a budget meeting the governor did not attend yesterday's budget announcement the pandemic is forcing the U. S. treasury to borrow a staggering amount of money Jill NATO reports the economic downturn triggered by the covert nineteen outbreak has the U. S. treasury about to break a record the department is borrowing nearly three trillion dollars to cover the current quarter that's five times more than the record treasury said during the Great Recession for one quarter in two thousand eight when they borrowed five hundred sixty nine billion the money's going to pay for the rescue packages passed by Congress and approved by the president to help tens of millions of out of work people and shuttered businesses about absentee voting here's Beth Myers the Oklahoma Supreme Court has struck down the requirement that mailed absentee ballots in Oklahoma must be notarized to be valid instead the court says a signed statement from the voter is enough under current law the league of women voters filed a lawsuit against the state election board saying the notary requirement was a substantial obstacle for voters afraid to go to the polls in person on June thirtieth because of concerns about covert nineteen June thirtieth is when voters will decide the issue of Medicaid expansion state election board secretary Paul zero X. argued he didn't have the authority to change the absentee voting process the state health departments report and no additional deaths in Oklahoma from over nineteen years Margot marrano there are two hundred thirty eight total deaths in the state the number of positive cases has surpassed four thousand climbing to four thousand forty four if you are feeling sick and you're not sure what to do the health department has a symptom checker on its website personal care businesses in Norman can reopen a Cleveland county judges filed a temporary injunction blocking a city of Norman emergency proclamation that block personal care businesses in the city from re opening salon owners in Norman sued the mayor and claim the city's emergency proclamation violated their constitutional rights the Oklahoma department of corrections believes to inmate assaults over the weekend at two prisons were related and we're tied to gang tensions an inmate was assaulted early Sunday at the Lawton correctional center and then several hours later a prisoner at the North Fork correctional center in Sayre was attacked both inmates were treated at local hospitals the OC says some of the inmates involved in the assaults have been moved to the state penitentiary in McAlester I'm looking to you whether four warn storm team it'll be sunny today and we'll get up to the mid seventies will drop back to the low fifties tonight tomorrow will be sunny with a high in the upper seventies hello tomorrow night right around fifty six and then on Thursday partly cloudy with a chance of scattered showers and storms and high on Thursday in the upper seventies for more on the corona virus go to the I heart radio app and tap the podcast app for the latest news and information I'm Jacquelyn Scott news radio one thousand Katie okay newsradio one thousand Katie okay studios or service of universal men's clinic for medical solutions for Edie yellow teeth learn more at universal men's clinic dot com this report is sponsored by compassion international in the CBD plus CSA total traffic studio heads up Edmonds sorghum mill road show at I heart radio goes one on one with Neal schon of journey asked why he believes our fan base still exists you know I think that we keep branded we we put on a good show and you know I give a hundred fifty percent every night you know that's.

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