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Abstinence Absolute vs. Leafs ex exactly because the states who practice abstinence their AST levels are super super high their teen pregnancies are super super high, but when you actually start talking about it and you start giving free help, you start handing out condoms, like all kinds of things you get places, you know, clean safe places to go the levels of teen pregnancies and STDs go a long way down in this exact same thing when it comes to an addiction. That's correct. It's so we gotta wait speaking of sex ed. We had really really different experiences so different I I'm from Georgia, I grew up in Greater metropolitan Atlanta area for basically my whole life and you grew up in well a couple of places, but what we're talking about is in Lake City, Salt Lake City, Utah land of the morgue. Yep. So explain his so for me, I'm sorry Bobby. So we had sex that like have like we went to like, I think it started in middle school. We went to like different trailing two boys went to one trailer, which is like one of the house side classrooms and the girls went to another birth. The one outside classrooms of it. I think we watch cartoon videos. I talked about like doing it and stuff. You know what I mean? Like sex is and like like how not to have a baby and you know, what condoms are there get any of that they talked about students particularly a middle school, but as we got older like in ninth grade and stuff like in high school like it changed from like, you know absence is a thing that there's no way you can get pregnant or get an STD if you don't do it often, but if you're going to do it, yeah, here's how you decrease your chances of having a baby that you don't want or an STD, right? They went over like how to use condoms. And so we did. Oh my God, no way even with the banana my health my PE teacher who was my linebacker coach in Middle School in ninth grade show. He pulled out a banana. That's crazy and with Donna condom on and it was blue thought it was a blue condom. They had like over the yellow banana. It was it was unusual and then like when I got into high school they had I think it was the principal's office or a counselor's office..

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