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7 20 W G N Sam Macho coming up at 9 30 in forward to talking to the former Baer, former Tampa Bay Buck The free Agent, University of Texas hooking horns all that Sam's Ah Sam. Just in a really cool thing he brought The commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell. The mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot. He brought Mitchell true whiskey from the Bears. He had Jonathan Tales from the Blackhawks. And they went to the Austin neighborhood. They knocked down. He raised $500,000. They knocked down a liquor store. And they put in put in a supermarket, putting some food where there's no food. I mean, that is a standing, that is, that is some big time stuff that's way bigger. Van name changes or anything to do with. I mean that that that is real change. That's that's some big time. So Sam's gonna join us at 9 30 now. KP and a slightly lighter note as we get ready for baseball this week and well ever Tomorrow night, right here on 7 20 W. G, N. The Cubs and the White Sox. White Sox baseball from Wrigley Field and a maser Darrin Jackson on the call from guaranteed rate field sitting there doing what you got to do in the pandemic. Do you want? Baseball fans. Sports fans do you want piped in sound? To make it seem like you're actually listening to a standard baseball game. That's how you know you're driving around listening White Sox radio on 7 20 deluge in You're used to that step, but that hum and then if there's you know, you could just feel the people there and then something happens. Obviously the cheers come Do you want that? Do you want basically a laugh? Track a soundtrack for your baseball? Or would you like to just to hear it is organic. As it's going to be tomorrow night, a Wrigley with seven people there, I sort of been back and forth on it, because much of it is dependent on whoever's operating that I think it was a cameraman who was Rocky's or somebody's interests, quite aware. It's the sound of the crowd. Sounded as if a player has just hit a walk off Grand Slam to win the World Series. It was a single to left, Carm, you don't mean like there's gonna have to be nuanced way of doing this and being smart about it. We have a guy like you. Teams down by 10 and a guy hits a homer. And his team's down by night. Right, like do we need the sound guy was probably like I think it's a great point you we need a talented while we're losing by 10. Let's not go crazy for that homer, right? And I think I was reading that they're going to. They're thinking about using like MLB shows technology, the videogame where that's able to, but even then you're going to run into stuff. Cause if if Everybody's going to be on same Like what if one ball park has a louder noise or right or or how about this car? Get your hot dogs that would begin. That means curveballs coming on Ly have kidding. Consider the length seems to consider your team banged on a trash can in their own dugout to signal Certain pitches coming, right? Like beer here Who needs a beer? That means a change up is on the way. I think I really hope we're not going to go that route. But I'm just saying, like there could be things that teams could do. Made a great point. They like to screw with other teams may all have to be on the same playing field. I mean, if we're going strict organic right now, you know it. It vendors were in the park. You mean normal baseball game? You're not going to hear the Adults. It sounds of Lloyd Russki Guys sold the most beers in Chicago vending history. Both sides. He's he's up there. I mean, is there is there is no doubt that Lloyd's and team photo I mean, there's a lot of guys. I mean, Brodsky Frank police. He's right. They're weasels, a stud. I mean, there's there's guys that good after it. That's not. That's not a clear cut. Answer KP But like that that call then occasionally you will. There used to be a hot dog. I don't think he's been around for a good five years now, but he would just scream and belted out. You would hear that on the call. Maybe we want to. We want to mix in a little vendor calls like what would you want to hear? 312981 72 100 will be bowing. Right, but that's another one. I'm very interested to hear no to see. Ah, How are radio broadcasts are going because TV you're watching and radios obviously all aboutthe sound of a ball game. Which is what the broadcasters mixed in, but it's going to be very interested to hear how Andy and D J. Handle the car tomorrow night. The booing is I hadn't thought about that till now. Like Yu Darvish got booed for like months straight at Wrigley right because he had lived up to his $120 million contract. And everybody typed the same thing. Those air booze, not you, and then you pitched on. Everyone said That's you not boo. Creative. I That would be unfortunate they would never do it. But let's just say, for argument's sake. But whoever it was that the same as Yu Darvish has 1/4 consecutive two innings and out, he scuffled. What? How about how about that scene? Let's say it's a fan. Who's standing on Sheffield or Waveland and listening to the game. Thus the Wrigley Yes, I think, Okay, What if you got some drunk on one of these Wrigley rooftops, Right, just screaming and hollering. Yeah. I mean, that's the way you're you're paying 3 54 bucks to go sit on a rooftop. Why not do it on Waveland? Just screaming obscenities entities. To just into the air. The players will be able to hear that. Through the people in right in, right? Yeah, sure. That's the reason why they put Hendrix as Thie opening day starter you I think he was going to area real possibility that's going to happen..

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