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But and it's the criticism of the Kennedy family off. Which blue I mean, I've never seen in print. Anyone say? What is said in this book about the Kennedys, including Joe. President Bobby I mean, there is a vicious Tone, to say the least. About the outfits opinion of the Kennedys. Can you elaborate on that at all? Okay. I'm going to take a breath and I want to make sure I do this right, right. The things that we reported that the Kennedys did. They did. We just reported them. Nothing that we wrote about any of the Kennedys right from Papa Joe, making his fortune cheating the purple Gang and loads of sugar and bootlegging. Cutty Sark Scott. Is anything other than public record. So the squeaky clean image of the Kennedys in the in the high end sports Volleyball games on the lawn. Come from the same dirty stuff. That Bobby Kennedy after Papa Joe. I mean, it's pretty much known That the Chicago outfit got JFK elected. They swung Illinois for JFK with that, you know, we like to make jokes and you can't see but I'm throwing up the air quotes again, right vote early and vote often. You know what I need the Mayor Daley machine and they took in one state of Ellen away in our electoral college votes and those in particular votes. J. F K in the White House. We didn't We didn't make that up. That's true. No, I understand that. But the mountain that okay, go ahead. I'm sorry. No, no, you go ahead because I want you to answer this correctly when you are See. How do I put this? The impression that I got Wass. Okay, hold on a second. We have Papa Joe JFK, Bobby, who becomes attorney general and goes after all mobs outfits. He's he's got a vent vendetta. He's going to clean up, quote unquote. He's going to put people behind bars. And the Just that I get from the book is that About the outfit felt That the Kennedys were doing pretty much the same thing that the outfit was doing on Lee. They were in office. Is that even close? I think that the overall view was the attendees came upon their resource is the same exact way. The people that Bobby Kelly Was so He was immersed and doing something Sanji and kinda, You know, we look Att. We look at the way the whole thing went, and we actually John got the personally see Sam Giancana ripped up Frank Sinatra about dealings with the Kennedys at my father's nightclub, No kiss infraction. I come down the steps And my father chased us out and begin. They have a horrible, horrible screaming at. He wasn't screaming back. He was being screamed at right for something Joe Kennedy had done with the Cali the latch. Jeez. Okay, that was all there. And that was all against up that Geoffrey wrote that he found other places and just reported on it. Okay, when everybody was so sad that the Kennedys were being victimized by organized crime when it came up that maybe You know the assassination? Wasn't Lee Harvey Oswald. Really? Wait, give about their power and keep going back to the way they came about their power. Ah, Joe Kennedy meets with Sam Giancana on a Tuesday night. And tells him that Jack is going to lay up with them is a reward for them getting him elected. And the next day. Bobby Kennedy is ripping, ripping Sanji a kind of peace is well, he's laughing at him. And in the tape if you look at the tape Bobby Kennedy says Sam Giancana on Lee Girls giggle Mr Jian Kanna. And he continued to live because in their mind What the Kennedys perpetrating was the joke. They weren't They weren't this bullet proof. Squeaky clean image of America. Camelot if you will. It was a little Um It was a little more different than that. I mean, go bad, too. Sam Giancana and the President's mistress? Yes. Right..

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