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Davis Davis has never seen Jay and silent Bob Reboot. I like when people do these. Very specific types of things especially a reboot of a movie. That also wasn't that long ago right really. I think it came out twenty nineteen but this is so fun. Pat Byrne also on your. He's so funny Brett you may know from the Special Without Brett Davis which was public access show in New York so so wonderful and he's just press one. He won the Andy Kaufman Award. He so funny so unique. He's never seen Jay and silent. Bob Reboot and I wanNA tell you. Brett wanted to write this. In the style of Kevin Smith. He worked so hard. And so it's important that you know this because you're like who would say these Kevin Smith would so he specifically wrote in the style of Kevin Smith like riding nineties movies with the vernacular and stuff like no homo and stuff like that that you don't really be able to say when the writing something anymore it's a loss cadence? It's for the better. What he's never seen Bob reboot and if you're still listening to this I'm GonNa make separate thing for this to introduce it but at the end of the episode way before this was ever a podcast when it was just a live show. I thought it could be a good idea for podcast in this. When I lived in Queens I had come over with some comedians and we recorded a sample episode of the podcast to try and send places to get this sort of like a pre pilot pilot where Brett had never seen dead pool. And so there's a bonus Brett Davis scene at the end of this where he's never seen deadpool. Alex plane that Again to put in a in in term right there but this is Brad Davis has never seen Jay and silent Bob Reboot. It's so fun. We're joined by Pat Byrne as well too great episode. You'RE GONNA love it come to live show tonight l. a? Come to live show in Denver on the twentieth And thank you very much. Enjoy it you ever talked to. People as their influences are sorry by me. My computer people ask you what your they're like. Comedy and mine are some stand ups but honestly a lot of if I'm being honest about the comedy stuff I laughed at the most growing up was looney tunes. Bugs bunny bugs bar. I love bugs bunny. I Love Marvin the Martian yet I love Daffy and then on Jackass. I watched jackass and I was like this at least made me think I could make comedy on my own. I hate anything that has to do with bodies or food jackass so it kind of just like cuts like the Stevo World of it ice age but watching them Skateboard in a loop. Sure and they meet. That made me think I could make stuff on my own. Say and then you know sometimes some stand ups and stuff but whenever you hear a comedian. I don't know if we're all like relatively the same age I think when you hear someone that I just was really into Carl and Lenny Bruce and prime and you're like what yeah when that weirds me. Oh it's like the musicians Jimi Hendrix. The cow is relevant to you and you understand there's influence and there's importance and stuff like that but nothing that they ever said. I'm just getting to the age. Where something George Carlin would have said could apply to my life and I was like sixteen. He's I saw him when I was in college and I think he is. As Cranky is my mom. Said he would be this. Chick set artless podcast. I think our court our interest separately. So we'll do this game involving my dad at the beginning and then we'll read the script and then we have a couple of other. We use those cards last game. I can't remember we did okay. And then we have a couple of games that we play And that's pretty much it. It's you know maybe our tops and we're good and go off the rails as much you want to go off the rails. The rails are are nonexistent. Grab grab instruments you want or grab grab one of these waters and take that xylophone if this is this thing.

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