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Now I've seen everything. Mother says Mostly cloudy skies today heading up to 76 degrees right now, skies are cloudy it 72 heading up to 76. Good afternoon. I'm Larry Cantor wins news time at the tone. 12 30. Good afternoon. I'm Susan Richard Great News out of New Jersey, where starting Friday you can now sit down and eat inside a restaurant. Governor Murphy made the announcement today. And of course, there are some restrictions. 25% capacity with social distancing between tables. For decades, the Cornish family have owned and operated Alan Dale Bar and Grill and Ma Bar and Grill here in Bergen County House with Chris Kunisch. He got word this morning He had a message for staff and his customers who stood by them their family. We have a tremendous extended family. You know, when this stuff hits the fan, you look around. You know, it's a gut check, and it wasn't just us. It was our our extended family, our staff. It just kind of again rolled up their sleeves and help us out and got things back on track. Do you say to the folks that have, you know, stuck by you through this and you're gonna welcome hopefully more back this week. It's just a tremendous reminder our communities in Matewan Alain Delon surrounding communities, not not just, you know those towns. The support we got from them from day one. You know, we were curbside first, and they came out on drones. And then once we're out, allowed to go outside, they just supported us from the get go. You know we wouldn't be where we are and who we are Without them, not going forward. Those opening inside must have ventilation systems similar to movie theaters, and they can't open. They hope 25% and outdoor dining will keep them going for now. Glenn Schuck 10 10 wins in Hallandale, a new White House tell all this time focusing on the first lady will have that coming up wins news time, 12 30. Get traffic.

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