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And I think you should be rewarded for being there every night. How many times did you face the Bulls when they had Jordan, Pippen and Rodman? Uh, I don't know. The number of games will stop my head. But I'll tell you, that's my career was 1992 2000. I was in the Eastern Conference. Part of that They want six titles. During that time, I saw more than my share of those guys. And and to this day, one of the most, you know, intimidating things you faced as a player. They were the only team I ever played against any MBA that pressed after free throws and got away with it. When you got Rodman Pippen, Jordan, Ron Harper picking you up in the backcourt in a 1 to 11 trap with that kind of length. It was amazing to see point nor it sort of just run up the floor the way that you're like, Yeah, Get it legs. You got it. Bring it up. Because that first press in the deep corner and you turn and you got Rodman running at you with Scottie Pippen. And it was like an eclipse s. Oh, yeah. I saw more than my share its and to this day. That's the greatest defensive team. You know that I for? Certainly I ever played against, but I think it's the best defensive team I've ever seen to this day for those mid nineties bull scenes, but the best defender out of that group was who Scottie Pippen. I think Scottie Pippen is the best defensive player, maybe outside of Bill Russell and again a guy I didn't see play but obviously different roles. Scottie Pippen's the best. The offender I've ever seen because he was not only the best individual defender. He was the best team help defender as well. The ground he covered his I Q. His communication. His instincts combined with 68 fingertips touching both sidelines. Kind of a nightmare. You know, you came off screens I played against him. He switched Jordan. Beyond me. They'd switch on the baseline and come off the down screens. I knew I had enough separation to get a clean shot off. So I've done it a million times in my life. Catch. Turn, pivot, turn left shoulder go to scare up and all the sudden this arm would come out of nowhere. And now you're going up and you're having to make a pass in mid air That was to recover ability of Scottie Pippen. Hey, was he was special one of a kind in the way that he covered ground out there. Ever make Jordan man. Yes, I did. Because Jordan loved to gamble defensively on Don't even turn Campbell play that's like that's like that's like 50 expensively in there because there's another level..

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