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So i'm thirty six and when i had that question i was thirty when i think of all the things that i've done in only six years of my life it almost. I don't believe it myself. I'm sure you don't believe it either. Like go back and think like how did that all the happen in just a short five years but then you also realize when your kids grow up. How did this happen in six hundred. My daughter go from this to that. And like i thought we were just in diapers win. Did someone allies on like now with some completely different stage that we often. We think there's this permanence of the feelings that we feel. But it's really not in a short amount of time you can make some big exponential changes nba completely not different but better version of yourself. And i mean. I've heard it said that the idea within marriage is you want to be the version of yourself. You could live with the rest of your life. If you take on that journey you'll usually end up in the right spot. I agree wholeheartedly. Yup jays this interview has been absolutely just as good as i anticipated when i was checking out your instagram. So you did not disappoint whereas people can go ahead and find you and follow what you're doing with your way guy cooling running going on. Yeah yeah so. My instagram is at j lloyd. Woods j. f. l. y. w. o. d. so that's primarily. What i use in the for everything. I don't have really any of the twitter's or talks or any of those things. I kinda deal on instagram. At the moment. I tried hard going on tiktok like i have a hard time just sitting there watching it figuring out what i could do. Tiktok glad guy. I feel like well. That's fifteen minutes. I've ever gained back in my life and it's gone bad contributing to it. If i were drive created. Tick tock no yeah exactly My daughter's state. She's six now. She wants to talk. And it's like We'll we'll talk about it. So yeah that's that's definitely where he practiced doing instagram real. Which.

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