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None of this is new. And in relation to trying to prevent tribes from self governance. None of it is Neil. They'll come up with all kinds of little stumbling blocks to prevent self governance at every juncture, and if they're all possible, like they'll worry about impacts of tax changes. And expanded tribal jurisdiction in court matters. And conservation of wildlife management. We've talked about all of these things. On this show. Multiple times. And you know, all I can say is here we go again. None of this is new. It's all kabuki theater. And I'm hoping the tribes fight harder than they've been fighting. And I hope those that are opposing them lose horribly and then grand fashion and we'll I hope they'll never be able to try to. Stifle tribal self governance anymore. What's the matter with people? Now the article says that the bill passes, the democratic control legislature also faces the threat of a veto by a democratic governor Janet mills. Who favors more limited reforms? Okay, so even the governor is trying to limit. If I'm reading this right, trying to limit self governance of the tribes that was mentioned earlier in the article. You know, the penobscot, the Pacific quality, holds in bad balance sheet. The rustic band Mick ma, you know, why are they so hot to trot on taking these tribes and nations right to govern themselves away? Now the article said the sweeping Bill which follows years of tension between the state and the tribes and it's been debated for two years because of pandemic related delays, of course it's going to be just another excuse. We'll throw this out there. So we can forgo it for another two years. You know, the bill aims to remove all sovereignty restrictions imposed on main tribes by the 1980 settlement act. Or acts, they should say, appear federal and state laws that erased the tribes, land claims to two thirds of the state in exchange for $81.5 million. Now the article says, under the settlement, Maine tribes have fewer sovereignty rights than all of the 570 federally recognized tribes in the United States. Here, tribes are treated more like municipalities rather than a sovereign nations, the article says. So. There's been support for this bill, and I'm hoping that the support continues. But I'm wondering why the governor is seeking a more limited approach. Now, the builds opposed by the mills administration and the administration has offered a more limited proposal to be negotiated with tribal leaders. Now, the judiciary committee will take up the governor's suggested Bill or amendments. And it's called the amended version of LD 8 sorry, LD 5 8 5. Now the governor's a bill would allow tribes to participate in mobile and in person sports betting, something that means to establish casinos oppose. Since they are prohibited from offering such betting and it would also remove sales tax from certain goods and services produced and consumed on tribal territories or give the revenues from those taxes to the tribes. And let's state taxes on incomes earned by tribal members on their reservations. Now LD one 6 two 6 would greatly enhance the tribe's power over land use. Natural resources, environmental measures, taxation and other matters on tribal land. And has the support of the top democratic leadership in both chambers. Who would be Senate president Troy Jackson? And House speaker Ryan facto. Or facto. Now, state laws with the exception of gambling would no longer apply, not only on reservations, but also untrusted land, which is owned by tribes for tribal use and benefit. But its subject to federal laws. The bill would also exempt tribes from paying state or local to sales tax on their respective territories, and would exempt a members from paying income tax under certain conditions. Now, some of those conditions include that, the income tax is earned on or from activities on or sourced to their territory, and that a tribal member or his or her business is based in that territory. Excuse me, now there's a plan to offer an alternative. Representative Christopher Babbage, Democrat from Kenny bunk. Voted against the Talbot Ross bill as amended. Instead, he said he would offer an alternative proposal that would incorporate certain elements of the bill dealing with taxation, criminal and civil jurisdiction of tribes and a consultation process set up between tribes and the state government. He, however, opposed a proposed expansion of the areas where tribe could acquire land and put it in trust. So you see. I can't really say that these folks up in Maine are working to benefit the tribes up there. Not many of them anyway. It's really sad when. We have a group of people who are dedicated to take from another group of people all they can. And then try to take some more. And that's the case here. You know, the tribes have a right to self.

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