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You're doing the same story or bunch of times every every year exist it might be a different person but it's typically the same store you know what I mean like we're doing like it's just different That's why you're GonNa find the angle you gotta find a different person. You gotta find a different way to tell the story story. I mean in a box I probably tell the same or I have the same type of story like fifteen to twenty times a year. But it's how am I gonNa make this one different and I can tell you i. That's the that's the common I get most is at people when they see me they can actually say oh. I can see that you cared about this story. You know what I I mean I could see it in your face. I can see it in your voice. I can see when you're live and talking about something that's happened and that's the greatest compliment I can ever get because that shows shows to me that they see that I care and when people see that you care then they open up you know like they open up to you. They feel like they know you and that helps you down down the road but yes if when you go and talk to people like you shouldn't have to fake that you care you know what I mean like racially in this business like like you should care. That's why you're here. You know like so. Go and every story. Yeah like and I'll be honest meeting when I start off on the store. I don't care you know saying what is this you know and then when I get there and then I talked to the person I see them like may I walk out the door like you know now I care I care too much. Am I going to bring it home with me. You know what I mean that type of thing thing but like you know man I I mean I would mitt at me sometimes I walk into it like this again in. Meet the people and then you see no matter what story you're doing doing you see how much they care about it. And how much it affects them. And if you have to care you know you have to care. Get out the business or you don't have heart So you've got a great way into what you just said. Do I care to take home with me. I was planning to ask a man all that. How do you not take it home with you? You've you've got kids at home. You have a wife at home you have a life. How do you not go home and sit in that? Whatever it is I mean I do sometimes times in like a running joke that like when you retire like five years later? All of this stuff's GonNa come flooding back and you're just GONNA crush it. You know like it's weird because people talk to me about that all the time it's like it's it's tucked away in the subconscious somewhere you know like like somehow I'm able to compartmentalize Hartman allies it where I don't like for the most part it's just tucked away after that night and I don't think about it What most I mean there are? There are always stories kind of stick with you and kind knows You know last with you for a long time. It's hard it's it's hard. I mean it's hard not to to bring some stuff home especially when you're dealing with stuff that happens to children you know that's the most difficult thing and it's not even just crime things. It's just just when you see somebody who's struggling. You know you see somebody that you think you can help or you know that type of stuff. It's it's difficult. I mean there's no real easy answer you take it home with you and then if you're lucky enough to have a family then you just hug on your family look at your kids is and that kind of brings you back to life and Kinda you know Kinda get you through it and I can say it sounds cheesy and Corny but anybody who is lucky enough or once a family and has a family or is loved ones. You know what that means when you can just go home and talk to him and hugged him to change his you know so I guess that goes back to a court system so they know kind of what we deal with and Having someone to talk to about this stuff but you do you do. Bring it home It's not a daily thing. It's not a daily battle. It's not every day when you're coming home and like you know thinking about stuff but there are certain stories that stick with you but like I said my dad's been around for a while so he understands what Ido through so that's that's really cool. It's easy to talk to someone like that on that level you know and my wife's been with me for ages so she understands what's going on and down him and it's tough it's it's never gonNa say I'm a first responder is not but you can imagine what firefighters police officers see on a daily basis. And kind of what they you bring home with them and how they deal with it. And it's IT'S A it's A. It's a fraction of that with to get people to visualize. It's kind of like that. You know what I mean. You're going to see some really messed stop stuff a lot and You gotTA figure out a way to deal with it man you know wasted by talking to somebody if it really affects you that much but yeah it's difficult. You know man I mean and you know I mean I'm sure even even just being behind the camera and producing stories and seeing stories despite those stuff that sticks with you and your man. I can't believe this and it's just tough one and there's other you know Careers or other volunteer opportunities for people work with say domestic abuse victims or sexual assault victims or for veterans with PTSD or homelessness or children in some way. And even if you're not in it like you are a first responder is you're still dealing with that. So Oh trauma in any way need self help you need self care. I guess what I want to say. But yeah I mean obviously with all your grave work with veterans I mean. Yeah Yeah I mean I guess I guess when you when you realize you need help the best thing saying you need help if it gets that far and now you can move forward but It can can be difficult at some times like I said the hardest with kids. You know when when it's young people involved and you feel like nobody's helping them but you're sitting there in there you're Kinda I feel helpless I those must've yeah so stories that stick with you and other things like that a life changing stories Give an example of one that maybe it isn't to be negative a positive when we'll be great to have one that you can look back on and say all right that's cool. I was a part of that. And that's a life changing story. Do you have one that really sticks with you. I don't know if I wanNA stay so I mean it's just funny because we're just I'm I was in the midst of Doing doing one right now. That sticks with me. It's just there's there's a lot of them but this was recent it's just there's a there's a nine year old boy who He's was at a local hospital here last year ear or an earlier. This year is fighting her sprung disease. It's Kinda affects your colon could be a potentially deadly illness. He was eight years old. He's nine now and and all he was in the hospital all he wanted was birthday cards first birthday right. You just want too much birthday cards and we were. I was the first one that really do the story and and didn't think it was going to be a big deal. Hey you know this boy. He's sick he needs some help. Let's get lift his spirits. You know so I went to meet him in the hospital and talk to him and he was just a just a great kid. You know what I mean. He was just young and you could tell at that point. He was really sick and like you know kind of the colored leftist face and it's just amazing how media can help just reach people meaning like within the next two days. He had more than ten thousand birthday cards. Ten people from all over the world We're sending him birthday cards and they kept coming and his family family was just like so grateful. You know what I mean and you just think it's just a it's the smallest gesture you know what I mean like you do on this daily but just to see their face and they just couldn't believe it and literally ten thousand cards. It's unbelievable so fast forward. Just a little boy gets better and now or the past couple of days I went and saw him and he's out of the hospital and he's he's just a great kid and now he's doing a toy drive and he got in. Oh three three thousand birthday a three thousand gifts like donate it to him. And he's going back to the hospital where he was sick at plane Santon handing them out to all the kids and it's just like a full circle thing that like just an example of just I. It's always stuff with the kids that stick with you know so that's a positive one. You meet this kid and you just you know I need develop a relationship with them and you just you do a story in the ten thousand people from around the world since flood the hospital with birthday cards over a week period and then this kid who was crazy sick now flip the script and now wants to do this saying and he's nine and now he goes out in gathers thousands upon thousands of gifts now to deliver back to the kids at the same hospital who are really sick and you know he's just really happy so like that's one just recently that stuck out with me and then we've had here in the city we've had We've had a couple more than a couple of. We've had a lot of kids die on the streets who killed by gun violence in a mother who was inside. Her house was holding a her two year old daughter and somebody shot to the house and killed a two year old girl while she was in her mother's arms and we did that story for a while. Slow like a week or so so it was just. That's that's that's something that sticks with you know what I mean. I can't imagine that just being in your own home. You think you're safe right and you think everything's great and then all of in your and your like holding. Oh your daughter in your arms and just trying to rock her to sleep and every rolled is great right and then seconds later Bo is come flying through in the mom didn't get kit was fine and then the little girl I mean those are those are like other. Obviously polar opposites but those are just examples of things that stick stick with you those examples and things that you bring home with him and you know. There's there's there's a lot of stories that stick. I mean I mean the thing I it's it's either extreme highs industry Melo's those are the ones that stick with. You know what I mean ones that you can't believe that that happened in that so terrible or the ones. You can't believe that that happened because it was so oh good you know like the the medium the ones in the middle I can forget it. You know if you ask me on a normal day I hate to admit. What'd you do last Wednesday? US story go on as I can tell you. What did I do last Tuesday? No idea you know but if it was one of these stories I could tell you but on the average week hate to say it was just. You're doing so many stories sometimes multiple but it's always the kids the stories that are with kids that did that stick with me and I'm glad they stick with me because it teaches you a lot. You know what I mean. Those are the stories that you learn from Joseph Stories that you can kind of take with you and learn from it make something try and make something better next door your kids that you talk about compassion families all that stuff. I mean you can see how it all plays together leaves and you can have those swings in one week within days of each other to. That's gotta be hard. Sometimes I mean you can have that you can have that swing in the same day like I mean especially especially here in a gigantic city like Philadelphia could start off the day doing a lovely feature story about something and then an hour later. I get called to breaking news. That happens avenue. You know what I mean Though swings happen by the hour literally you know so but yes yes you can have that in the same week you can have seen a couple of days you can have that in the same couple couple of hours so yeah it's it's it's it's a an emotionally demanding job and me we now doing it. I appreciate it but yeah I mean you just gotta I guess keep grinding animate. Try Not to look back as much but it's difficult when those stories stories like you said earlier so important education empathy connection all of that bringing other humans together is so important so again. Thank you for doing that so I think about like where you are a non philly huge city you're on TV and the eleven o'clock news. You're on the Internet. You probably recognized. It's it's like you've made it in the world of news it is. I mean I guess but but what is what is making it as a storyteller look like for you at this point in your career. Like what's what's in the future for you that you really WANNA reach for..

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