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Time to go down on the farm and of farm report brought to his spy Colorado Farm Bureau insurance mentioned yesterday in our farm report that The low way West Fresno Grizzlies In the high A West spoken Indians are both playing in their championship series for their respective leagues next week. There is a lot of talent at the lower levels for the Rockies. The Team in Scottsdale. They call it the Arizona complex League. It is taken over for what used to be the rookie leagues. They don't have any post season. There are 15 teams playing down there. And the team representing the Iraqis has clinched the best record in the A Z. A C L If you will 43 16 is the record for the team in Scottsdale. And the Rockies also have two teams playing in the Dominican Summer League. They're in different divisions. And they have the best records in each of their divisions. So it'll take a little while and not all of them are going to make it obviously, but the Rockies are certainly replenishing the talent pool at the lower levels going to be fun to watch those guys. Move through the ranks, trying to reach their.

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