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In the whole thing with the associate an animal with your emotions area of at lugo wale life what did that go i love that who evan than the names of the stores were where um controls was buying stuff banana monarchy and and always sixteen let's fuddy instead of forever twenty one and banana republic uh and then one of the funniest lines at this whole episode was uh eugene when he says to connie i'm going to need counselling from this council and this was a whit free episode i think wasn't it i think you're right yeah which actually kind of isn't always interesting to me because it really shows even if it's just for an upset or to not that i think deliver go this route but i think widow always be there but odyssey really is bigger than just with and it really can exist on its own without him kind of thing it just it can it contiunue g you know i it is better when it's just for an episode or two and then he comes in yeah you know but we've gone years without him before you know in the past so it can work we don't want can work we don't want it to have to yasser just keep trying to find good actors for witted just keep them alive he's a hundred and twenty already but that's okay the last thing i wanted to point out others with his who tips chocolate chip cookies and orange juice like that is just so weird nasty they're very even thought of anything like that economies as a haunt now forget who if it was county officials they said something like oh i guess we do have the genetic connection and thinking i don't think that has anything to do with genetic that's as his gross nasty to thumbs up for this episode this was a life on as he can and then we come to probably oh man.

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