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She would be like, oh, I like every kind of water. Yeah, that's a bold claim that she goes to a hotel. And they're like, okay, so be sure to just drink the bottled water because the water out of the tap, like your body's probably not used to it. So just avoid, and she's like, no, I like every kind of water does that you're not. Bowl on, like a Taurus trip, 'cause she loved the HBO show. Turnover ball and they're like, Rachel do not drink the water here, and she's like, don't worry. I love every how to water if you put a guy kind of near the water, it will like go crazy. And she's like, no, I know. But I love that kind of why does Rachel Brosnahan like every kind of water because she's making money from subtle. Yeah, that's true. So this was the headline on the kite. They interviewed Rachel Brosnahan. And honestly, like every single publication that got this press release of upper racial Brosnahan doing spun, for set affil- posted it. I don't know what happened you guys. I mean something something happened where every single publication posted about this watershed, right? And so they were like, hey, Rachel Brosnahan is now. Combining with Richard rows ahead is now working with Seta fell like she's a new spokesperson for it. Would you want to do an interview with her and talk about her life, but also her her water and like hydration instead of Phil, and they were like sure the cut took the bait who else took the bait plenty of people took the bait people, a chance to talk original Roseanne about among other things water. I'm in women's wear. Daily took the bait. Everyone literally I could not find someone who had not written about Taylor's up on my God about Rachel Brosnahan, instead of fill, like this is the most Wild Thing that this was something because if you put any those separately, you're like, would you want to write about Rachel Brosnahan, no doing right about set of film? No together. Still, no, I love the, the try to work in the marvelous. Mrs may Zell thing into the Rachel Brosnahan loves water and set of fil angle. So you have when you try to do that you get sentences like this. So this is Rachel, Brosnahan, speaking in what is essentially gibberish when I was in high school. I was over treating little breakouts..

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