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Race cars because now we get rid of the taper restrictor plates and putting tapered space Jerome. We've got a big honking. Spoiler on the back. The bumpers are a little bit higher because we were dragging the ground so much before. So we've actually raised the back of the car up. And what that does that allows the bumper to line backup better with the nose. So the ability for to get in behind with the bigger spoiler and draft up and have alignment on your front bumper to his rear bumper and having a little more cooling really allows these guys the opportunity we believe to be able to tandem or Padres as I've always called it. And I use pod that's one syllable tandem is to go fishing. So and everybody knew if I said there were three pods coming and they knew what it meant. Right. It was a very so that's kinda my mentality. But I look forward to it. I'm going to predict right now that I almost see a rule another small rule change coming and I could see it because we only had four cars at the such as like like, what are you thinking? I could see a smaller tapered spacer. I could see a spoiler change like at some something along the line. Lines to control the speed more or a safter. We've seen the cars on the track a little bit of practice or something similar to adding to like we do in Knicks fancy slash gander mountain truck series. No locking bumpers. Right. Right. And then what that does is. I can't stand that rule because being able to beliefs the rule of locking bumpers is crazy. You can't police a bump, and a lock is kind of worse than calling a block and a charge in basketball and an or travel which has never called either because the car number one is in front car. Number two is behind if a car number two blocks they penalize both cars like I had nothing to do with him. I couldn't hit the eject button in Egypt. The guy off my number or the JAMES BOND oil slick or something like that to the whole police rule is crazy. I don't mind it in the truck series and the expanding series because I think it reduces the wrecks what I would like to see them do is with twenty to go go, you can push all you want. Here we got because what? Happens in essence as we've seen the past pushed all the want. They nobody polices it. We can't. It's too hard to police the entire. So you're doing one thing. Yeah. You'd have to black black flag go entire field. So I could see a procedure change or a physical change of the race cars if the taper spacer because again everything's predicate on keeping these cars a little bit slower. And that's why we made the rule change effort tone of the speech relive bit higher. The horsepower numbers were a little bit higher than the expected in the test. So it'll be interesting. It's not going to surprise me to see we've seen it in the past. We've seen a restrict rule change or a spoiler change or something along those lines. I believe we're going to have a big group on Friday. Whether it's all the Fords get together or the Chevrolet. Toyota's raced together. Like we saw in Daytona in practice. I think we're going to see a little bit of that going on a Friday because he's teams again their notes from previous years are invisible they're pointless. They have no useful purpose because this will be the first time ever. In this configuration at this racetrack with the big spoiler and the big radiator, pans and the big tapered spacer be the first race. We have not run at Daytona. Talladega with the restrictor plate in fifteen twenty years and those and those those spoilers are so big now that the top of them at least has to be clear. So the driver can see through it to see the car behind him. That's that's how giant these things are now make.

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