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Awesome post race interview for tv and then he heads over to victory lane and and got some words from denny as well yeah real real class act on both their parts in fact any halen. I don't know i think this is part of the classiest thing he's ever done. This cup series career a lot of people don't like his attitude usually but <hes> he even admitted that he hasn't been the best person away from the track over his life but he's trying to turn over a new leaf and i think <hes> be he sounded very mature and very apologetic for winning almost he did he. He did seem like of all the people to be the he didn't wanna beat matt now especially on a week where matt vendetta was told that he won't be back in the ninety five car next season. <hes> the the the spotlight was on him. What can you do you know and then he goes out and and i practice was fourth or something second practice he faced the session and anything qualifying he was seventh or something and he had a really early draw so you shouldn't have been that far up but as oh how that cars got some speed and then once the race started he was up there all night long and got their lead for ninety three laps and and it's not the first weekend that he's done well. I mean he's he's finished top ten a bunch of times in the last what nine races are so. He's had five five top ten finishes and four top fives or something i mean it's been ridiculous definitely now. You've got your ear to the ground what what could be a possibility ability for matt next year when you look at the things that have opened up now. You've got the thirty eight car that david reagan was driving which is now vacated. That would be a possible avenue there. Um they've been in talks <hes> worcester racing technical lines for next year. Although it seems like those talks have stalled a little bit so you wonder if maybe they'll talk toyota and see if they get a joe gibbs racing using <hes> a technical alliance or something like that going forward. If that's the case i think that would be a slam dunk benedetto with his with toyota background <hes> and all that <hes> i yeah. I think that would be good for him. <hes> but then you also go fast racing number thirty two <hes> cars as well as talking about a a technical alliance for stewart haas racing <hes> the rumor there there isn't cole custer would come from the series of takeover coriolis joys ride that would leave the joy out of variety looking for a ride as well <hes> so that's for things really start to get interesting because the joya interesting prospect as well <hes> but you start looking at stewart haas racing as a whole and there's no guarantee that clinton warriors coming back next season. There's no guarantee that daniel suarez is coming back next season season and for that matter even though it's expected it doesn't look like erica and we're all assigned just yet either so three seats there that could overturn eszterhas racing. I don't think all three will will.

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