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From NPR news I'm Giles Snyder A White House says it's competent that it's workplace vaccine mandate issued through the occupational safety and health administration can stand up to legal scrutiny deputy press secretary corin Jean Pierre The Congress empowered osha with through a law through a law that has been in the books for more than 50 years So this is an authority that we believe that Department of Labor has We are very confident about it A confident about it The administration has filed its response to a federal appeals court decision over the weekend that temporarily halts the mandate that applies to businesses with more than 100 workers The osha rule is facing legal challenges and several federal courts of White House says they should be consolidated The U.S. and the African Union warning that only a small window of opportunity exists for ending the military conflict in Ethiopia Linda fasulo reports a UN Security Council was brief Monday by top officials on the latest developments in the crisis You and political chief rosemary to Carlo told Security Council members that the Ethiopian conflict had reached disastrous proportions and she said the risk of the country descending into widening Civil War is very real Meanwhile U.S. ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield described the conflict as a war quote between angry belligerent men victimizing women and children Reporting and you're listening to NPR news The House committee investigating the January 6th insurrection has issued another round of subpoenas a panel is seeking documents and wants to hear from 6 more associates A former president Donald Trump were believed to have strategized about ways to overturn the 2020 election Among them are Trump 2020 campaign manager Bill stepien senior adviser Jason Miller and former national security adviser Michael Flynn The NCAA has released a draft of a new constitution that would give it less oversight over college sports This after recent criticism about how the NCAA is handled issues including athlete compensation and health and safety in pierce Tom Goldman reports In July NCAA president Mark emmert said redrafting the constitution would not be about tweaking but about wholesale transformation The newly released draft is a possible step toward that It proposes giving the current three divisions of sport with their vastly different resources and issues The autonomy to restructure themselves It's streamlines NCAA decision making by shrinking the board of governors from 21 members to 9 It embraces name Imogen likeness compensation for athletes something the NCAA was dragged into by state laws but still prohibits pay for play Member schools now will discuss and possibly amend the draft before an expected vote in January Tom Goldman and PR news And I'm joyous Snyder This is NPR news And it's a WNYC at 5 33 a good morning and Michael hill 50 in clear now heading to a sunny mid 60 day today In the news this morning a rough rolled out yesterday of the city's school vaccination program for 5 to 11 year olds supplied the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine came up short in some schools had to turn students and their parents away easy sailing though at other school sites the mayor says his city will increase vaccine supply where it fell short Some 200 schools were children are 5 to 11 years old are holding vaccination clinics over the next week New York State is closing 6 stay prisons now that the total incarcerated population is the lowest it's been since 1984 Most of the prisons that will be shuttered are upstate the closest to New York City is the downstate correctional facility That's outside of Poughkeepsie In a statement the department of correction says it does not anticipate any layoffs due to those shudderings 50 unclear now sunny and mid 60s today is 5 34 Support for NPR comes from member stations.

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