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Freedom riders and now there's word that Gaffney has died of complications from the coronavirus he was ninety two in nineteen sixty one jet magazine asked Gaffney who was a freelance photographer here in Washington to travel with the freedom riders a group of activists from across the country who planned on challenging segregation in the south by riding greyhound and Trailways buses Gaffney eagerly signed up he died Easter Sunday smartphones already know a lot about us but now some researchers are betting they can also be trained to detect whether we're infected with the corona virus just by listening Wall Street journal reports several teams of artificial intelligence researchers are working to develop systems that could help spot the disease through people's breathing coughing and speech many folks are reaching out for help to deal with the economic and emotional toll from the pandemic right now county crisis center director Dorney hill says there are people in severe need who are reaching out we are seen are people who are in acute mental health situations and very serious domestic violence situation hill says they handle cases like a woman who called saying she could not get groceries to our brother who lives elsewhere and is home sick with cold at nineteen because your car broke down as a food task force where there's different representatives across the county who are working together with community partners in restaurants and things to try and figure out how to get colds and Kennedy residents like this man the help that they need the county crisis center is not just taking calls but physical walk ins seven days a week can delfi WTOP news sports at fifteen and forty five brought to you by your local Honda dealer don't settle for less than a Honda nine forty five years Dave Johnson ghost games that's what they are called the idea of games without fans in Germany and it might happen as soon as next month their teams at Germany's top soccer league the Bundesliga are back on the training field and the goal is to start playing games by mid may how would these games with no fans like we've talked about here in the United States work in Germany bird would win is a journalist was sport one TV based in Munich they calculated that around two hundred fifty people would be involved right the players the stock camera operators and so on they are working on a plan to test all players every three days right now just to prevent bears playback audio and like here in the United States corona virus testing is an issue of whether there are enough test to administer the players for now the players are Germany are back practicing they don't use the lock room together they show up for trading in their gear get out of their cars practice and go back home you could find out more about what they're doing in Germany in my interview with bird poop it on WTOP dot com is the NBA's first horse competition the jazz Mike Conley the champion over Zac levy to the bulls his big shot a free throw with his eyes closed in the NBA and WNBA now selling face coverings featuring all of the teams logos with the proceeds to benefit feeding America they Johns WTOP sports coming up after traffic and.

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