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Over alleged race-based killing in New Zealand and the people here say they're scared. This could happen again. Ooh. From Tara also come acts of great love as the boys break into a him. Horan Christ Church has caused untold pain. It's also bringing people together. Steve McDonald reporting from Sydney letting this is obviously a very difficult area. I wonder what you take out of what you heard from Steven so many different viewpoints within what three and a half minutes radio. And that was a very very balanced report by Stephen I think that a lot of those attitudes. Certainly do come across in our flights in everyday life in a strategy. And I would say that Australia is not a racist country. Myron I mean, I've got dark skin. I was adopted as a baby I'm one of eight children five a wise at three of us have skin. I think I've ever suffered racist. And I wouldn't even call it suffer. I laughed at it. I think I got one racist comedy my whole life. Now, that's not to say, my older brother and sister didn't get that did. But by and large Australia rubs long, pretty well. We're very proud of multicultural history. But what do need to remember strategy is also very young country where modern but young country, and I think that we've always had an relationship like most countries to accepting lobbed lodge waves of immigration. I it was what we used to call rice racially disparagingly walks as in people from Europe at now, that's a term of demons then it was eighteen immigration Vietnamese Japanese Chinese Indians now coming largely they are accepted in the community. The way the has been real anxiety and outside that this is not dissimilar to the United States or Europe or other western countries, particularly here in Britain is is Muslim immigration that has caused anxiety in society that is reflected in the politics and that Senator. That Steven McDonald referred to fries, adding he belonged to a potty called one nation twenty years ago. The leader of that party. Pauline Hanson made her name by posing indigenous Australians aboriginals, then she criticised Asian immigrants now twenty years later, she's made a political comeback targeting. Muslims more on that doubt little later on in the day. You're listening to weekend from the BBC World Service. Twenty six minutes past the hour. And we'll catch up with Andy Barlow who has the latest sports news. We heard yesterday on the about the race to fill the remaining sports at marooning spots. Even football's Africa Cup of nations in the end, those depth rules and regulations, which you outlined with such clarity to have the most splendid they only had to be used on one occasion. So what actually happened? Well, Guinea-Bissau mice to make it through to the finals from group. K thanks to a stoppage time he cross against Mozambique left, then level on points with Namib. In that section article fourteen was fourteen one point one the greatest number of points obtained in clashes between the two sides would go through to the next stage. So it was no maybe a who progressed through to the final is that beaten Mozambican both matches between the two teams earlier in qualifying those a great reaction full Barundi. He reached the Africa Cup of nations finals for the first time in history that was all after a one one draw with coupon. The African sports broadcaster MO alley called it an amazing achievement for both club and for country Barundi has been going through some problems over the past few years political address time the Nations Cup comes around people. Just stop and they focus the attention on football. And you know, what a good story first of all now full boring due to a qualified and for them. You know, it's a big deal as well having qualified above their neighbors. Rwanda this intense rivalry between those two countries have been joined in the finals while they five time champions Cameroon, a yeah. Yesterday, beat Camara's three nil cameras participation looks like any sport in the the courts Julian I had this is Africa Cup of nations finals taken off them and switch to Egypt for the confederation of African football weren't happy with the preparations that have been taking place and the resheduled to states that the twenty twenty one twenty two in two years time now calf set president four years ago the tournament then was taken away from Morocco. It with thrown out of the whole competition. So what of today and matches? We should be looking out for. Interesting one one of the smaller nations will qualify for the finals for the first time. Whenever Cape Vert that go through with a better record, even if Tanzania can defeat or ready qualified Ganda Libya and South Africa face each other for the last qualifying spot at stake from that group Benin will progressive. They don't lose to Togo all four teams can still go through from group G says Imbaba way and Liberia occupy the two places at the top at the moment. Most quickly mention ladies zero twenty twenty qualifies for two of the big side Spain and for Italy one big big match today, the Netherlands against an out of sorts Germany with just one win from their.

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