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Richmond Virginia. This is Fox News. How Melissa Daniels? Newsradio eight ten to one zero three one W G Y, the owner of one of the vessels that broke loose in travel down the Hudson Friday morning says it'll be repaired and put back into service. Jim pleasure race back to the capital region from Florida when he got the call of what was happening with the captain JP. They said at a tugboat came over the dam broke loose and ran in the front of the boat docked vote office mornings. And then it was just a chain-reaction on their on pleasures, howling news channel thirteen. The damage is run in the seventy five thousand one hundred fifty thousand dollar range, the coastguard will inspect the captain j p next week Albany police investigating a shooting in the city on the one hundred block of third avenue as they responded to the scene staffer Maldini med. No Dez notified them that a twenty one year old male entered the emergency room with a gunshot wound to his thumb. He was treated for non-life threatening injuries kind of lost and governor Cuomo's budget proposal last week in a state of the state address was. That a new seven hundred fifty million dollar Wadsworth center will be built at the Harriman state office campus in Albany assembly member, Pat Faye tells W G Y news that this decision has been in the works for two years, and she's particularly happy with the decision by the governor. These labs are renowned as you know, last year, we had a Nobel prize winner come out of who credited the labs with with his research there Yawkey Frank who won the chemistry Nobel prize. So these these are renowned they used to be considered the best in the country the Wadsworth center, which does critical public health research and scientific analysis is now spread among five facilities in the area. Most of the buildings are old and in need of upgrades. The city of Albany had been in competition with you Albany site in east greenbush Rensselaer police have charged a sixteen year old with murder following a stabbing Friday night the incident happened near I Hudson street the victim and the stabbing is also sixteen years old he's recovering after surgery for his injuries. Whether next on NewsRadio eight ten and one. Oh, three one WG Y. Listen.

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