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Hello phoebe. Downing fleeing. Congratulations from TVs pharmacy. On your coming marriage together oh by. Aren't you happy day for you? Happy Oh yeah. TV and I are looking forward to the engagement party administrator child tonight and we'll be there with Belgium. That's fine. Never forget to wonderful parties. We had attacked house when Leila ransom used to live there. Yes you. Remember the ninety that happened long time ago I've forgotten all about Leila, you have. Can't stand. She used liberal. PD. You must remember Mrs Ransom. Attractive widow about fancy to freckle, Johnny. No, no I remember. Thank, you, said you forgotten. Let's skip. Funny Forget her. You incorrect found. Your varied one time. But that's all over. He certainly made an impression on me. and. Birthday party there. Played Post Office? Now delivered. A letter is ranch MANIP- Andrea? Wasn't happy Postman. Let's get one thing. Straight Leila is a thing of the past just a memory. She's gone with the wind. And yes, of course I, put yourself in my shoes. PD. Suppose you were getting engaged Mrs, TV tonight. You'd forget all about a girl Leila, wouldn't you?.

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