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Here in the NBA the next year. So yeah. And sometimes it really just comes down to it not being a good fit to the system to the players that work in within that system, and he seems to have found a better role with New York. Second free. Throws goodbye hairnet Gomez up. The right side is a manual moody gets a pick their from cornet throws around the horn. They get it to Knox and the paint right handed hook shot up in in tough shot to go. Nuggets. Now all of a sudden trailing in the past ball game after a ten two four run here by New York nuggets are down by a point. There is Gary Harris is up and off the bench for Denver. Jamal murray. Peels off to the high right side. He's at the Pepsi center logo. Throws it in the corner over here. Dan Gomez now inside the Arctic Millsap gives him a pig. Bill. Sap head-fake tried to draw foul did get the whistle. Top of the key over Yokich back over to Bill sap puts it on the board tough baseline jumper that one rattled out. Rebound, tori. Craig gets back out on top to Yokich yoga in the paint. Passes deflected. Turn it loose. Ball comes down to a manual. Moody dribbles behind his back. He's going coast to coast leans in layup blocked out of bounds by Millsaps stuck with nudie ADL length of the floor. Welcome back. Jerry, harris. Now the game for Denver. Tori, Craig comes out. We all like that. I think we all do to welcome. Welcome back hasn't played in a little bit more than a month. Knocks has it on the inbound over the Hardaway back out on top cornet. Now at the midcourt circle. Moody has it whistle away for the play in a foul called.

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