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Kind of jumping back and forth between them training it also shows zig Cyclops storm in a car driving. And you have somebody they blow up to car. And this is a powerful as senior see cyclops in the. Get out of the car in a car accident. Somebody just gunned down cyclops executive year and storm and is just really powerful. Yup and it sure looks like boy. There is using a an almost like an ar. Fifteen type assault rifle. But you know. I'm sure it's perfectly legal rocket launcher launcher. Who does it notice of rocket launcher in central park. That would this is will. They said they were going to grab him outside the central park ave fries. Okay i don't know much about new york. But i'm assuming new york has never that quiet. No i doubt. I never been there. I've never been. But i've known people that live there and i've heard it's rarely rarely quiet. There's a reason it has nicknamed the city that never sleeps and just the scene when they get finished training and they get the phone call and nikon picks up the phone and just the way they drew his faith when he gets news. Just hits hard like every the world is drops out from under him when he tells the group that their debt. And i i like that. Oh it's very good. And the scene. Where wolverine standing in the doorway and he's just casting a long shadow when everybody is just kind of huddled together like. That's that's powerful stuff. Man exit twelve rain too because he someone who's very old who seen a lot of death caused a lot of theft himself but it still affects them. Greatly deceased someone he sees as a friend as a mentor is being dot. He doesn't end in. I also wanna do have also showed they show them. It says the next day. And it shows kitty pryde or aerial. She's name this book sitting there crying about their guests in. I i liked this like you see the grief you see the pain about how should like after all we've been through to have them killed me a lousy car crash. I think that's very powerful little sentence there. Because it's like you know day. Fight all these things Simple cable simple. But they think it was simple that kilda. And i think that's a very interesting thing and she's talking with Ileana right Cycle or glosses sister who later becomes magic. Yeah waiter waiter probably way later. I don't again. I suck at dates but will not go with my expert. Knowledge is not super good. Unfortunately i know she's magic. She was in the new mutants movie. I just watched komo. I've seen that yet and it's not she become magic. Nineteen eighty three okay. So it was after this year after so is not very. That's not very long ago. Okay never mind them. So it's it's interesting and she. She's like she's like. I saw something strange kidding. She wants to show her that. They have this camera hidden in the in the swamp that's pointing towards the house and i thought that's what kind of start to draw attention that it wasn't just a car but there's something else going on in get in. That was kinda cool. Oh yeah there's definitely surveillance going on and it's just like kind of innocuous set up almost a duck blind type situation so they short out. The camera in which i didn't know that you know phasing through electronic would screw 'em up but hey whatever all there before we get far now you wanna mention the line where up Kitty pryde Ileana are talking about her crush on on peter on collapses i liked it. They consider this kitty pryde. They consider peter adult. Why i'm still there..

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