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Of games at the beginning of the season i don't think that this is going to be average i think it's going to be slightly below average i think that andrew mccutchen is competent light field hunter pence is still adjusting and left and no austin jackson's is look better in center field at the end of spring they're still a little bit of question marks about candy cover all the ground in the national league west you look at the outfield the giants play and it's not just at and t park course field as a giant outfield chase field has a big outfield dodger stadium and petco park or not easy to cover and so the big key for san francisco was getting more defensive production from centerfield may may have to rely on block more to do that yeah no i agree with you on that jackson takes them interesting routes to the ball let's let's put it that way he gets there but it's not a smooth and duggar will run into a fence for you so i agree i think at some point douger is going to be up there carrie crowley bayer in group is with us the other part of this whole marga bumgarner thing there's a site ecological part of baseball and as a team in the field you don't want to have the pressure you gotta scores six runs or seven run so they need holland they need stratton they need block and whoever else comes up let's face it someone else has got to come up and cueto's got a pitch like an ace you know the cueto this is you know now here's the ball johnny you gotta pitch like an ace so i think there is some pressure on these starting pitchers to at least and maybe they will block did it last year against the dodgers he's going to open up against kershaw cueto certainly competent the one i.

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