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After a little bit of overnight rain It's fifty seven degrees with Gregg Hersholt I'm MandA factor here the top stories from the KOMO twenty four seven news center well Senator John. McCain will be lying, state I at the Arizona capitol in Phoenix mid week and then, at the US capitol rotunda in Washington DC and as you. Probably know he died. Saturday after. A long battle with brain cancer let's go to. Our KOMO Newsline right. Now eighth district district congressman Dave Reichert is with us good morning congressman Good morning your thoughts on the passing of Senator John, McCain Well first of all and I'm just honored to be able to. Have a. Moment to share some of my thoughts and experiences So uh About the Senator with with. Your listeners and also everyone is sauce appears with a family as they honor is life and more than has passing. Will be this is. Everyone is I got to know Senator or my time here in congress travel. To, Europe What am I, fawn memories was And we're we're sitting with John McCain and. Some other members of the delegation both Democrats and Republicans and Putin happened to be speakers That evening and John McCain statement elbow looked at You know what I. See when I, look into the eyes Mr? Putin and I said what do you see says I see the letters cake g All right I think history shows one of the. Comments made in, the speech was we are? Rushing leader strong we'll have to Horse happening today Another he did a fundraiser for me a couple in Seattle Was agreed supporter and friend and, and I remember being on a bus in Kosovo with Lindsey Graham and I was engaged in a debate with some Democrats from the house. And on the search decision by George Bush back then And the Senator didn't engage in the debate but was listening is I could see the city Nice right across from me And. I looked over at him Okay I could use the He. Just looked over and smile gave me a thumbs up and not as. I. Keep aren't going on He was described as a maverick I have been, described as a in some cases. Come close to that title here you know his his way that he stood up for his beliefs and. And the way that he did it was such dignity and I'll tell you. He is truly best and And. That costs repairs school but just fond memories My my friend John do you wish there were more people in the Senate or in the house that we're willing to have a dialogue and compromise at times with members, of the other party Absolutely you know and the call John and and kind of get some insight on how you might want to approach it issue that You need a democrat help on how you might say through holliston Mary up, things, happening in, in the Senate I think there are a lot of us who are looking for people who have that sort of You put country serviced rather than politics and been. One of my frustrations is and I. Know it was John to that people tend to put politics above this solution to the problem and compromise of course in his in his service was not. A dirty word it was how you get things done and I think that's one of the things Congressman thanks for spending a couple of minutes with. Us congressman Dave Reichert Republican from the. Eighth district remembering his friend Senator John.

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