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The nation. The CIA with its murky jurisdiction in covert, dealings, was suddenly viewed as the embodiment of everything wrong with the government reporter saw their chance to really dig deep into the. See as most controversial secrets in nineteen seventy four New York Times reporter Seymour, Hersh published an expose on operation chaos and either legal CIA program. The placed American citizens associated with the antiwar movement under surveillance on top of that it went against their mandate to not operate on American soil. The Hirsch articles were seen by many as the final nail in the coffin of the CIA in addition to operation chaos Hersh reported on a number of other illegal CIA programs that engaged with everything from supporting foreign propaganda to attempting assassinations of world leaders, these exposed black ops programs were considered the first of a series of programs and actions carried out by the CIA that were finally exposed after the fall of the Nixon White House, this assortment of mostly legal activity. These came to be officially referred to as the family, jewels, the combined scandals of the NSA relationship Watergate, and now the family jewels, led to the creation of the church committee in nineteen seventy five led by Senator Frank church. The committee was tasked by congress to investigate the CIA's actions over the previous two and a half decades. And report on whether the agency had as her said violated its charter, the church committee conducted hearings and investigations for over a year before, finally publishing its findings in April of nineteen seventy six the final report was comprised of six books in seven volumes of transcripts from Senate hearings. The results were more than disturbing. The declassified sections of the church report revealed, an astounding amount of wrongdoing. The CIA had engage. Edged with the F B I to intercept and read the mail of private US citizens without a warrant. It had conducted a similar operation on international mail coming to and from China, the agency had commissioned numerous failed assassination, plots against Fidel Castro, the then president of Cuba. It had engaged in behavior. Modification research under the infamous MK alter program in this was just the work. That was declassified huge portions of the church committees reports on the family jewels were redacted when it was first reported on in nineteen seventy six. Won unanimous opinion at the time of the church committee's report was given how distressing the declassified material was the classified material must have been astoundingly worse. We should know here that despite the numerous bombshells included in the church committee's report, there was no mention of an operation Mockingbird. The world's media concluded from the declassified reports that the CIA hit engaged with a network of foreign journalists to push pro American propaganda. Carl Bernstein of all the president's men fame wrote an extensive article in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven that detailed the minutia of how the agency identified recruited and utilize journalists around the world, this article served as a foundation of much of what we think we know about operation Mockingbird today. Though we should note that Bernstein doesn't actually refer to the oper-. Ration- as Mockingbird on the actual name operation Mockingbird didn't enter the public consciousness until a few years later in nineteen seventy nine Deborah Davis published, Catherine the great Katharine Graham, and the Washington Post as far as we can tell this proudly unauthorized biography was the first public document, actually name operation Mockingbird, as we understand it today enacted in response to the international organization of journalists, and it's pro communist propaganda Davis claim that Mockingbird was overseen by Frank Wizner a former CIA deputy during the early nineteen fifties by the mid nineteen fifties. Mockingbird had members of CBS the New York Times Newsweek, and dozens of other American media entities in its pocket the broad goal of this program was to promote pro American sentiment among the increasingly restless youth..

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