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We need to talk rightful lady. She's a sweetie. Have a word with Liz here. It's not Tuesday with me is Tuesday morning like clockwork. Hello, Liz. Well, hello is Well. Hello, Liz, who joins us in an election and everybody else I you doing, Liz? Oh, I'm doing fine. Oh, good. You hold holding up there, Liz. Welcome. So far. Good outside hasn't been beautiful weather or what? Oh, I don't know. Uh, you know It's been a little gloomy, and that always brings me down a little bit. So, yeah. Liz. Kenny has something to say. Do you mind talking to Kenny for a second? I know it's scary sometimes Lem at all. Okay. Good morning, Liz. Good morning. Good morning, Kenny. So we've been talking celebrities and meeting celebrities for the last 30 minutes. Have you ever met or hung out with any any kind of celebrity, either a huge celebrity or a small local celebrity, You know, I never have met any except one. And I don't even know if people know who he is anymore. You remember French shot toned. Mm yeah. Yeah. He was real famous in the forties and fifties. Oh, yeah. The only reason I got got to meet him is that he came to Cloquet, my hometown to marry. A girl from Cloquet. And so we've we followed him all the way down to their home and we're standing out there watching for him. Really? Really? Yeah. For people that don't know Liz was he refresh my our memory? Was he a movie star? TV star Music star movie started and you start being, um, movies that were Uh, you know, very serious and very had a message in this type of thing. You know, somewhat like child's boy and some of those guys. Yeah, he was actually, really. He was a very nice looking men drew. And very cruel, very Uh, wasn't Liz what? He was married to, uh, crowd Crawford. Joan Crawford. I think No, he never married Joan Crawford. Oh, Okay, that I know of, But that's been so long ago. I don't know. I know. He got married a few times she cookie could have been so Yeah. Best. Very good looking guy. Yeah, He really was. What was his name again? Can you say it again? Franchise told French Shaw told Yeah, A N c. H O T is that I think that's how you pronounce. Yeah, I think it is. But, you know It's been so long in there for how to spell it anymore, either, you know, because I was about I was about 12 years old when we find him. Here we go. Yeah, Yeah. Yeah. You know how old I am now? Oh, boy. He was married to John Crawford. They're kicking what lacks was doing married to Joan Crawford? Yeah. For a few years. It looks like now. Okay? Was the ladies named Barbara Payton? Um, yeah, I think it was. Yeah, the patents. There were patents in Cloquet. Okay. Wow. So he yes, Beautiful, But she was very beautiful. Yeah, and I was surprised when they had their wedding and Cloquet. Oh, they had the wedding there as well. Yeah, That was why he came. Oh, I thought he just went to kind of get her and bring her back to Hollywood or something. They were married and Paul K, which I thought was wonderful. That's why we all got so excited. Oh, he was married to four people. Joe Crawford. Jean remember the names of any of them? Well, I didn't even remember Joan Crawford. Well, when you look like that, I mean, yeah. Next seven anybody you want? Yeah, I wonder what era was he? What era? He was with Crawford in. Was it during the Christina days or what? I would probably in the forties, sometimes 35 to 39. It was okay then it was before he started adopting Children of forties when we met him and making them scrub the floor. Aggressive, right? I'm not mad at you, Christina. I'm mad at the dirt anyway. Very good. Joan Crawford. Thank you. I appreciate that. Well, Liz, have a great Tuesday, sweetie, and we'll talk to you in a week. Okay. Well, you all have a good week to thank you, sweetheart. Bye bye. Oh, Joe. Oh, Joan Crawford? Yep. You saucy minx. I.

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