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In this episode we talked with ryan howard about late. Playwright is an end to end automated testing framework for web apps with python support. And even a pie. Test begin testing Welcome to test in code. I am thrilled today to have ryan howard on the show. And we're gonna talk about Playwright so rain spit yourself i My name's ryan. I live in the uk and i am a software tester and the founder of how qa which is a A software testing consultancy founded a consultancy. Yes i what we've mostly kind of small companies and startups providing kind of Apple and chill terms testing consultancy zabol. Okay do usually get involved Kinda after they think they're done or is Is a during development or when you get a vote usually. it's changing slightly historically. It's being towards the end of a project when they realized they might need someone to test it. But there's definitely been a shift. Recently gang people on board earlier on actually starting testing. Start life cycle even testing before you even coded anything that means. You're looking at requirements testing requirements. Or if you're taking sort of td approach How qa testers can help develop those tests out front lead even written anything. Yeah or even just even just getting started and doing some. yeah like some skeleton tests. First have you jump in periodically as they have new features to check out things like that seems like the right way. Do it instead of okay. We're ready to ship when he detested. Yeah yeah it makes a big difference. It makes the testing's oughta things of its mover If you've done the work out front Into this bizarrely. I kinda just fell into. It is working retail about ten years of experience. We've software tool just happened to know someone who worked for a software company. Who asked if i'd be interested in in going to interview zero idea that that software testing was even a career. But yeah so i. I joined a qa analyst for ten years starting out was a manual stuff for to start automated right away. It was nicely manual. To begin with is probably maybe a year or two into mike testing korean. Still at quite worked out. What testing really was i think. Start picking up some zoom code working working with developers and an understanding how you can kind of add add test automation And and write tests in kite bit later on any manual testing. Yes do i mean it's still. It's still quite an important part. The role is kind of a again. He's finished shift between from suit of traditional manual. Testings cooler where you used to spend longtime writing step by step test scripts into username and password claes's Check user is located..

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