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A patriot dot com slash making it any level is awesome, and thank you for that. Get. I've been watching believe it or not this week because I went to a steam engine show on Sunday, and then I got home. I started googling steam. The show is great, and I went there with two thousand dollars, try and by steam engine, but nobody was selling anything. Everybody was showing stuff because it's so rare to find a good working steam engine or a hit and miss engine. So I gotta say, well, you're, you're strange. I love you so much. You're straight. I could not find anything sale that there's a local hit miss engine, which is not a steam engine interchangeable because they both kind of in the same culture. A hit and miss engine is like an early version of gasoline. Four cylinder compression engine would you people would buy a little powerhouse by it and you have this little powerhouse to run a shaft to turn something in a factory Oregon barn or MC MC, a grist mill, something so old technology, but it's fun to play with and or steam engine. And so when I got home, I didn't buy some tools here and they have little bits and pieces of what advice and in a ranch in some of the stuff that I have sixteen hundred of. But when I got home, I started googling seem engine, and I got into the Jay Leno channel. Jay Leno owns like a huge collection of cars, which is completely not news to anybody, but he knows so much about them and he has a staff guys that know so much about them. So I saw to watching Jay leno's one video. Let's another of him driving the steam engine cars, and it's amazing is really amazing. This tech. Technology, which one out of business basically in the early teens and he talked so much about the the reason why they'll market it and what the point of them was. And you gotta start a fire on your car to get the boil agoin to than you steam. And he drives around in these cars. Every one of them is operational. So check that out and then also wanted to make one of the point was it's funny how like the the culture has been shifting insanely in the last twenty years, but I used to stay up late to Senate live at fall asleep after the host do as thing. And then I'd wait for it to come on Hulu something to be able to watch it in the middle of the week. Now I tell you that I have my taste Senate lives any Senate live tonight. Good coolest, go to bed. So he went even we went to bed because we don't have TV anyway. And then as soon as a wake-up, we watch all the clips in the in the morning on you too. So it's just a funny way that we consume TV. Now, and it's and it's smart for people like NBC and. Other TV shows to utilize YouTube clips up because now people watch TV and in, you know, bite size. Segments not necessarily like sit through the whole show and like I could put a segment on, like, you know what? This isn't funny, click with go to the next segment. Oh, this one's funny. So just the way we consume TV is so different than it was a year and a half ago. So SNL Jay Leno doesn't. My two picks. I am picking an would artist's name, Scott O'Connor. I, I may them before..

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