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The last we checked spectrum human dot org Going into Come, sir. We got our dishwasher. That's got a water leak. Let's help out, Joe. Good morning, Joe. Thanks for calling And how may we help you? Good morning, Dr Joe. How you doing? 100%, sir. Okay, well had to water leaks. One was the braided stainless steel line. Have failed right at the Sahlin oId valve, and then the discharge lying out of the so annoyed valve. Ege goes out through the, uh Steel Channel for the, UH, Foundation and then Does a bend and comes in on the side. The Hub. And, uh, that line Is not available anymore until possibly October. I went to the hardware store, and maybe I can use some automotive water line hose or stuff like that. And Come across a PVC braided Tube that has, uh Some type of a nylon mesh inside. Uh, generic name is tag on. You have the Pressure rating of 150 P s I at, uh, 75. The temperature rating from minus 35 up to 150 degrees. So I put that in. I'm just wanting out should still like try to locate the regular black coz or just go with that. No, I just go with that. What kind of in the hold is this dishwasher? 94 95. Oh, your way back there. Okay? Yeah, It's an old Maytag. What do you want? Yeah. Oh, and it's an old Maytag. It's got a belt driven motor, doesn't it? No. It's a direct drive unit. I had to replace that, uh, back in, Uh, 2000 and eight all around that time is when they change from a belt driven machine. But look at you're going to have to use whatever you can find. Okay? Because of the age factor. And, uh, My gosh, that that thing is getting old now, OK? Mm. Does it still wash? Good? Yes. Well, that's what matters as well as I keep the The soap down to a teaspoon per side. OK? Yeah, good idea. No, I go ahead and use whatever you can find to replace what's there? And, uh, keep her going as long as you can. Mhm. Understand? Okay. I just wanted to get your blessing. Yes, It's very nice of you to call Joe. Thank you. All right, take care. Bye bye. A couple of ways.

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