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Everything, veggie tall have shown that have shown that the micro pepper long term studies have shown they've studied the studies thorough scientific studies have shown and hear what their findings are study buddies. Couple Donna and Steve, everybody. Shout out your favorite vegetable. Okay. One two, three. Oh, you said broccoli, you said carrots really, I said Brussels sprouts. The correct answer is broccoli. According to a new study. That's interesting by green giant giant, the most popular vegetable in America was broccoli. A landslide almost made my running partner people in thirty eight of the fifty states voted for broccoli. Really corn came in second in seven states. Wow. Then comes carrots with two states. Wow. Alaska pick despair, Montana, picked Khali flower. Here's my beef with the broccoli thing Arkansas picked potatoes, how potatoes, not number one. Okay, go ahead. I I like broccoli, but I wouldn't definitely wouldn't put it at the top of the list. Here's why it's that needs to be dressed. A teeny bit of salt in a teeny, bit of parmesan cheese and a little bit of butter, if you want, I don't think it's necessary to care it. You take that thing, right? Out of the bag. Take your cue from the bunnies, and you just eat it. You eat. It raw broccoli needs. Puffing up puffing. You're not just gonna eat broccoli raw. If you do know it's in ranch. You know, broccoli and ranch, does not sound good landbranch. Broccoli in French onion dip on HAMAs homicide by I mean I get what I used to do with a care at one of my favorite things to do is, I would core the carrot, so as I would eat it. I would eat it. Circularly. The middle. There is a core. There is a stem middle that then if you eat it separately, it has a different taste in overall carrots about that. Here at Merrill, eight-carat Merrill care for a decade. That's interesting. Oh, hey, I was gonna say something to you guys now and lost my train of thought, if you have a favorite vegetable,.

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