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P. P. really what it is is that two and a half months of operating expenses stop awesome is a former small business administration employee now with Tacoma based Columbia bank he says businesses with five hundred or fewer employees need to calculate their payroll expenses over the past year the number that goes into the calculator and is multiplied by two and a half times the amount of the loan used on payroll will be forgiven along with up to twenty five percent of non payroll expenses blossom advises business owners to apply soon there's a lot of money for this program three hundred and forty nine billion dollars but there is believed that that money is going to be evaporated within a few weeks if you don't need the loan now but will in a month he says you can apply now and collect later Corwin hake komo news at the komo news time now for for an update on como traffic we do that for every ten minutes on the forest marina last time we talked or something going on in the valley freeway yes so it looks like we still have the backup southbound one six seven it's as you make your approach to to fortieth where it does look like there is a collision of being reported in that area so it's two forty at the end right before west James street other than that no other blocking problems reported right now volumes extremely light in most areas your next go much traffic of four fourteen Dan Shannon o'donnell has our promos for caster so Ruth forecast hi everybody we are going to start warming up as we head into the rest of the week temps back into the low sixties.

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