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Rea- nays nor Mani as savage VINCIS. I yeah. Let's do it. Remember when nor money turned it turned out really honest fashion show extravaganza for savage Fendi. It seems that the two artists had developed a real kingship. That says Dan because the motivation singer just announced a re signed her as lingerie brands. I ever brandon ambassador. Breath take an instagram. Shared a news nor Mani unveiled a series of photos where she smoldering posing bright reg savage offensive guard. The singer has nothing but high praise for really tell him vote that she was very honored that that that the ads K.. For herself how can we see pictures. Happy just I do have pictures. But it's slow load in I guess I could put it on screen So you guys can celebrate this capitalism tiredness that how does back as black people. We won't give free because she could sell some lodge ray breath money that is surely going to some white person somewhere at the end of the day. Yes we're GONNA get the cut but white people owned matters of production on this so Yana Jonah ain't doing nothing but being a black face for white supremacist Sunita that's beautiful. I know that this is her passion project. Ah something she genuinely highly believes in a cares about and unlike black people. She don't care about the people and the fact that she wanted me to be a part of that meant a lot to me she some. I looked up to for a very very long time. Wow that's so sad. Looking into another capitalist so I already know what kind of SIC- you GONNA turn out to be another elaine. Given out making money for the white man keeping all of us oppressed look in now delicious in your lodge ray trying to trick us in the bef four capitalism does not gonna get us for So this is the kind of capitalism is supposed to be okay being on the bottom of verdict underneath sitting on my face juvenile bid. No thank you. Don't appreciate this bullshit. What are you gonNa be mad by yourself? My brother look at this. Do you see how she got gold. billionaire purse. Okay trying to fly her wealth all up in our face. I don't think so. I'm fine with that. The people and the proletariat proletariat are not pleased just you just you reflecting on C.. Can you defend these bourgeoisie. Blacks Ashram it's not doing nothing but setting us back reflected on her time dancing performing savage fancy show. She described the experience powerful particularly for a strong showcase. The diversity yeah it was great to be a so many amazing human beings desire to be celebrated. Our beautiful all stays all sizes. The show represented everybody. I just love DOC lucid. The brand is and how it gives everybody opportunity feel sexy beautiful and empower. which is everything last year for as well except for poor people? How are we supposed to feel how billing power? We can't even afford this shit. Anybody wants to talk about that. The price is a fantasy is is worth for Dell is the best makeup bow. Wow of course it's worth it to the survey honey. Why industrial makeup argued I complex of course is worth it? Because a woman's worth capitalism is only seen as her attractiveness. Can you look here black man and ain't don't give a damn about makeup as somebody who is makeup deficient out meow. No Jack Shit about makeup I can can put this on in one fail swoop. This this is the shit for me. Wow look at my chat room Fulla just got them capitalist supremist ashrams premises up Taco supremacist. Hoping Ashram Might Miss Ryan go buy me some Olympic Glaus. Wow it's really sad to see what what they would they. Triggering you blacks in the band have about no savage yet. I have to peek over there and see what she doing. Let me know when Riyadh to come out with some socialist lingerie and then maybe we can talk okay. Socialist Bass savage. They don't yes they do. Not Real wants THEM FAKE ASS. Probably do but the real ones like me We were going down. You don't buy nothing then. Black women entrepreneurs acquire fashion fair. Yeah cosmetics let's do a fashion Ltd.. Fast been around since nineteen forty two doesn't own as old as line. Black women are displaying the power collaboration around with business. According to Chicago Sun Times former Johnson publishing companies Eggers Shero mayberry mckissick and desert we have joined forces to acquire fashion the fashion fair beauty. Line the BIZ. Women purchased a legendary brand for one point. Eight five million dollars that could have gone to fee. We know homeless or some other charity or Socialist Organization from the Johnson Publishing Company cosmetic brand which was created by unions w Johnson Units Johnson. Okay lots forty six years ago and grew to become one of the most successful black on beauty companies in the world. I wouldn't do. It was was founded in one thousand. Nine hundred seventy three I knew was born. I was yeah I mean that's a good point Fashion Fair one of them first cosmetic glass created for women of color mass six million dollars at the height of his existence off fifty six million dollars they took from the community okay. Black People Coulda used at the start. They own independent Gardens within the same zones we have food deserts but Nah ah we giving it to the makeup ladies so they can just get what mansions and cars. This shit didn't didn't didn't buy tell you that They burnt aren't places down whole cities. Black Wall Street. You know we could have built back with some money that we would have put instead in the makeup independent. Take back up. That's all I'm saying but y'all want to see these just because it's a black one group of black women making all the money. I guess it's okay. Yes yes sir. Oh yes the women will provide a brand through community focused capsule collection. They WANNA introduce the brand to a new generation while staying true to Fashion Fairs Rich Cultural Legacy Z.. Faster Fares just before I community to lose. Are you mean the community. They robbed of all the money that make us look good. Rogers Rogers told CRAIN's Chicago business. The statement We plan to modernize a brand new products but will remain true to the company's rules which was a great prestige product focused on women of color. Prestige is just another word for the bourgeoisie. That is all that is You not fully meets this use. This ain't nothing but donald trump in black face. Okay this hour stars care next thing you know they out out here. Running for President Tinfoil hat need to get on. Now I'm just I'm just trying to stop the capitalism. It is roots your every time I see all these articles goes yes secured. A bag says black girl magic. You're serving black girl capitalism okay. I don't think there's no magic and capitalism earlier this year they purchased the Black Opal really day over there. I'm going for all of the Opel Opel. been around Forever Avenue they China by a park place next at the Black Oval See does our heavens. y'All be okay. And then they raise the rent and now we broke the two. You want to lead. The resurgence of iconic comes historically catered to black women. It really didn't make much take much convincing when she told me we had this opportunity with black OPO for me. Yes it was about up. You didn't cosmetics and skincare it was also about my for my community and women of Color and I love that I felt there were so many opportunities here both in industry and even with this brand eh well. Last time I checked. You can't get US free by buying up the block. Okay Jay Z.. said that everybody said Ed all that was going to do. Raise the rent and black people going gentrify other black out of place. They say that's how he made it 'cause black capitalism. Y'All now you telling me they not about to do this with all these black beauty brands that they bind up See I guess onto y'all you you sure is there. You ought to vote. That was issues. Come at a time. When there still remains a lack of diversity in regard ownership in the beauty industry according to business insider the industry which is worth five hundred thirty two billion dollars is white male dominated right as it should be was white mean? cabalists is exactly who was white patriarchal capitalism. Ask every time a black person get something. I'm going to be on that. Ask Ask 'cause that's why it's only money. But he was getting his money. Are you are you. We all need to be poor and wait to socialism here and then we'll had had a saying Unitel universal income. Do I need to count. My husband would is happening here. I'm just trying to stop the black capitalism chow being seduced by just 'cause Y'all elsie black women were nice makeup looking good shit. I know 'cause I follow most of them on instagram. What we need to stab Bob is what I'm trying to say? That's it for this display.

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