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Landlords can and will check your credit before giving you a lease don't let your credit put you in a bad place go to control your credit dot gov brought to you by the US department treasury and the ad council whose real honest opinion real cops they claimed in Los Angeles last Wednesday night a rookie deputy named angel Reynosa reported that he was being fired on by a sniper while on a parking lot police soon blanketed the area while shutting down roads in evacuating nearby residents but it turns out Reynosa made the whole thing up he also told investigators that he had because the holes in his uniform shirt by cutting it with a knife there was no sniper no shots fired and no gunshot injuries sustained to shoulder completely fabricate captain can Wagoner in addition to being relieved of his duties Reynosa's facing charges of filing a false report of an emergency his motive is under investigation Karen McCue fox news checked out of the west wing several key White House aides including the president's daughter it's not what you think Ivanka trump senior counselor kellyanne Conway top economic adviser Larry Kudlow and some members of the White House legal team have been relocated from there west wing offices while workers rip out materials that could be hazardous the work to remove us best does is being done on the ceilings and attic spaces in the west wing second floor that work which should be completed by the end of August will cost about two hundred fifty thousand dollars that's fox's John decker reclaiming Dayton's entertainment district after a deadly massacre wrong Stevie Wonder already did a sound check Kanye west hosted a Sunday prayer service joining host Dave Chapelle in Dayton for a block party and benefit concert called Jim city shine Chapelle lives in the area I'm saying that's for and this is a fox news WGY accu weather forecast mostly clear tonight low fifty a nice day for tomorrow mostly.

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