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Welcome back to this week's episode of the baseball together. Podcast baseball family. I am brad. Baseball's back and brig is back to back user array. He's here and we're ready to go. We're ready to roll. Like i said baseball is officially back. We have spring training underway currently and we also have fernando tatis junior twenty two years old gets a fatty fat fat extension from the san diego padres. Fourteen years three hundred and forty million dollars now brig. I'll be honest with you. The first time. I saw this. This deal come across on like facebook twitter. Whatever my first thought was well. The padres got a pretty good deal. You wouldn't be wrong. What i want to know is how many opt out clauses are available in there. That's a good point. You know. I meant to look that up but i totally forgot to And i'm sure they're. I'm sure there's at least one or two couple fourteen years. Yeah yeah and. I'm probably and i bet. By the time you get to year ten or love and you start to see more team team opt-outs yet but Yeah no it. Honestly though like he's twenty two years old and he's a top five player in major league baseball right now and they got him for fourteen years for three hundred and forty million dollars. I would expect him if he had not signed this deal in the next two or three years i would have expected him to be getting in the mike trout range yet. You know in the four hundred maybe even five hundred million dollar area just because of who he is and how talented he is well. But he's gotta keep it up. And that's the thing that i think justifies a little bit of lower. You know he's young. He's relatively inexperienced. I mean let's be honest. We've been saying his name for a long time now but let's not forget he's twenty two you know so there's not there's not a lot to justify a like the mike trout dealer the bryce harper deal right. Where you're like okay. we know exactly what. We're getting manny machado. Was the same way everybody knew they were going to get. And then he went and proved it in la and then they still you know gotta deal in san diego because he got the vetting but anyway i agree with you though. I think this is exactly a steel for the padres. I think it's a great thing for tatty. I think it's an even better thing for baseball all the way around. Was that just a superstar. Putin yup i made the same argument..

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