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His family before Colin School begins next week. I'm Kevin here with Jill and Brian. We appreciate you. Listen, we have more money for you. We're doing this again all week. They were doing it next week, too. Is that right? Bry, I think that might be the end of it next week. So if you want that cash got to be here at nine o'clock $1000 easy money coming up at nine o'clock this morning. Joe, What are they saying on Facebook in the text line. We're asking for those times. He tried to be sexy, trying to be seductive, and it didn't work, Stevie said. Do you remember those water bras? I dropped one on the floor, and it made the loudest thud. Ever. We couldn't stop laughing, Sheena says. I was trying to flirt with the bartender and I tried to swirl my straw around my tongue. But I ended up jamming it up my nose. Instead, I could see that happening, Craig said. I leaned into a girl at a bar and whispered Meet me on the dance floor. I went out there. She went out the door. Ah, Connors and I tried to slow dance with my girlfriend and I stepped on her foot. And when she recoiled, she head butted me. We both ended up slumped over on the dance floor in pain One really? I think it's funny that we're getting a lot of texts and Facebook messages from guys. Let's grab it. Let's talk to Ah, Dale right now. How are you, Dale? Oh, I'm good. I'm good. Thank you. Tell us when did you attempt to be sensual on fall completely flat on your face? Uh, it didn't work out very well. I was a few weeks ago. I thought I would try something different from a surprise. My wife, you know, and I went. Hey, I figured, you know, I'm relatively Harry guy and I've never been very, very clean down there, you know, And so I decided, Tio surprise. Er and I just went ahead and shave my chest. Okay? You set down there? Yes, I was like, Where is he going with this? Who put this caller through? Who refers to their chest is down there in the area. Not that not that far down chest. Want to clean up a little bit. Yeah, Okay. See how it looked. And what was the verdict? Well thing is that you know, I surprised her. I took off my shirt. You know, one night and She's Tommy and Ah, and she just started. Last thing.

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