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1 FM and, of course, everywhere on the I Heart radio app. Very busy day ahead of us In this first hour alone. We're gonna have Vic Fangio, head coach of the Broncos here in a matter of moments, Patzer Tain. Ser Tan, who found out is going to join us a little later on as well. So please keep it locked right here. We'll get you ready for day Two of the NFL draft. The Broncos, at least as we sit here right now have two picks. Pick 40 in the second round pick 71 overall in the third. And of course, if that changes if they decide to write up, trade back, keep it locked right here. Well, let's launch noble. All of it. I don't know I'm a little worn out, but otherwise making it. I was just having some fun last night after the show celebrating, you know, you know how he is. It was a busy night was a fun night. The Broncos got as least as far as they felt there. One of the top guys they got there, the number one defense of player on their board and on oftentimes we say in these situations, stay with your board. Go with the guys. You know that you've been working on that You've been scouting And feel it feel good about that pick and that's kind of what the Broncos did. It didn't mean then love players around there. And, of course, there's a lot of reaction to the fact that they didn't go quarterback there. But Patzer Tan is going to make an impact this year. He could be a spectacular player for the long term. I think that's important thing to remember here. The Broncos got a great player I if you get gassed up by some media, you know out there thinking you were going to get a quarterback. Let's let's divorce ourselves from that for just a second and isolate the variable here. We got a great player, you know. It's not fair to sit there and hold it against past pertaining to some people didn't get what they wanted. In terms of the quarterback. You got a great cornerback, you know, so I want to see this guy hit the field before we sit there whining about quarterbacks in all this good stuff. We got two quarterbacks. Definitely. All right, let's head out to the hotline and bring on head coach. Okay? Not quite yet. Sorry. Getting the signal from our producer Brannan Kristall out here. Well, had Vic Fangio along with this in a matter of moments like that Pastor Tan is going to join us as well sat down with us little early on. So we'll get to that interview coming up later on this hour. We'll do a little recap of what happened in the first round. There are some spectacularly talented players still available here at the turn as we get into round two and cornea and, according to Ben Maybe a couple of the Broncos really would love to add to the team that would have even considered in the first round. Well, yeah, That's George Payton had that quote at the at the president last night, talking about potentially four players like that so excited to see it. Let's head out to the hotline and bring on head coach of the Denver Broncos. Vic Fangio, Vicuron with Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Albright Ko in his radio. How are you, sir? Good How you all doing today? We're doing great. We're pretty excited about day two of the NFL draft. You guys drafted Pastor Tan last night, nine overall, and I remember talking to a couple of years ago out of the combine. And you said, you really can't have too many cornerbacks in this league, and it feels as though based on kind of how last year played out yet so many injuries. That Maybe there's a little bit of response to that based on what you guys did in free agency as well as in the draft last night. Well, there's no question you definitely can't have enough of them as everybody saw. In playing site last year with our season the way it went at the cornerback position, and and I'm many Rachael fans aren't aware. But Minnesota went through the same problem, too. So Your are my plea and talking for that didn't wasn't falling on deaf ears with Georgia's. He just went through it himself with the Vikings last year, so You're playing a lot of five and 60 beans in the game a good bit of the time anymore, and you can't have enough of them. Okay? I ask you about that specifically gave comment a couple of years ago, talking about seeing a lot more 60 be stuff you know, in the league now, just the lead keep continuing to trend that direction. I mean, Nicholas base anymore was 65% or so of the snaps Coming off nickel. You see the trend towards more dime and quarter or do you just get sick is part of the way the pendulum swings with the league in terms of defense's Yeah, I don't see it. Going to where they'll be a lot of time. I mean primary diamonds primarily played. And You know, third down passing situations, two minutes situations. There are some teams that statistically playing time more than others, but Part of that is there They're big safeties that air in the game and change your plane. I'm like linebackers, but to consider the DB, so I don't consider those tree dying people. But statistically. When you look it up, it's coming across, is dying. But They're really the bees, playing as linebackers and in linebacker type bodies. Coach Pat Ser Tan when he was talking to the media earlier today, discussed how you said that he could be versatile in this defense that he could play kind of all over the place. And I know that's something that you and Ed Donatell of really valued. In York. Especially your DBS having a versatility. Why is this so important to you? Well, the way offenses they're playing these days of the formations, they're presenting you the personnel they're presenting you. If you could have versatility and get cornered type people that Play inside on that..

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