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Center on ESPN radio all throughout the day. All right. There's something happening in the shadows of this show here that I need to tell people about because Chris Cody just sort of exclaim to himself as if he didn't hear it during something that you had read previous previously. Wait a minute. Drinking mountain dew mountain dew can dissolve a mouse. We are now saying that as a fact that's not an opinion. Scientists have said it's a fact like fact, well, what why are we putting it in the news? If it's an end, finally, it's a fact, I am telling you, okay you. It's a fact I'll look it up for you. I'll get some context. Finally, I expect my and finally to be factual like, that's I I assume that what you're telling me there is so so who according to whom and this is a media problem throughout this country right now that you guys think that facts are just because somebody put it in a sentence on the internet. I don't mean to lecture yet. But just like with with STAN Van Gundy yesterday, we were arguing about what's fact, and what's not fact, and he says going thirteen for fifteen is a factor. We're like no Baker Mayfield. Having the goods is a fact. I'm just trying to cover us legally. Just in case. This isn't actually a factory someone said this. But here's the thing. I'm very worried about Tim Kirk. Oh my God. This is the thing. This is this is exactly what I'm talking about. Because of this. And this is not cool. And I don't know what to do about it. Okay. This is the issue. We got around here. Alison is just too nice and too thoughtful. And she comes up with too many, great ideas, we have a curse around this show. You know of this curse? It's what happens to got. I'm watching a video they're doing the experiment there dissolving a mouse with mountain dew out YouTube, six point five million views that credible enough and the mouse completely disappeared. Was it heated mountain dew or did? He just can't even watch it. I mean, just mountain dew mouses dot com. Go check it out. Mouses dot com. Tom. Thank you. Chris. Oh my God. Chris. How can I work under these conditions seriously? I want you to think was more mouses. So. Doc interested in making this to God's jokes that I can't move. So let me get to this damn story because it would appear and this is going to be a problem with human resources. We're trying to kill Tim Curcio. This is where we are with this. He's one of the sweetest men I've ever met across the universe. We love him around here. There is next to nobody who doesn't like Tim Kirch in. Although I was about to say there is someone at ESPN that oath me, an Tim Kirch have a problem with and I would just love to bury that person right now berry that person, but it would infuriate Tim Kirch in. If I did that because there's one person at ESPN who got really..

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