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Dame Susanna Palmer from Bloomberg world headquarters as we've been reporting, a huge power failure cutoff elect, versity in Argentina, and Uruguay this morning that according to media reports and a regional utility parts of Brazil, and Paraguay were also affected, according to the BBC, the outage hit on a day of provincial elections in parts of Argentina. Bloomberg has learned a eunuch cure. That's UN I q r e based in Amsterdam is exploring options, including a potential sale, this amid interest from pharmaceutical companies looking to expand in gene therapy. Unicord's shares have risen one hundred fifty one percent in US trading this year giving it a market value of about two point seven billion dollars, major pharmaceutical firms have been pursuing gene therapy companies that promise to treat rare debilitating diseases. Former Federal Reserve vice chairman Stanley Fisher predicted. President Donald Trump won't renominate Jerome Powell for another term as the US central banks chairman. If Trump is reelected, Fisher said, that would undercut the feds autonomy. He said that by criticizing policy, Trump created quote, a really awkward thing for Powell, the Maine. Yankee nuclear power plant hasn't produced a single wad of energy and more than two decades. But it caused US tax payers about thirty five million dollars this year. Bloomberg's Greg Jarrett explains almost forty years after congress decided the US and not private companies would be responsible for storing radioactive waste the cost of that effort has grown to seven and a half billion dollars, and it's going to get pricier with no place, if its own to keep the ways the government now says it expects to pay thirty five point five billion to private companies as more and more nuclear plants closed down Greg Jarrett, Bloomberg radio. Global news twenty four hours a day on air and picked up on Twitter, powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries. I'm Susanna Palmer. This is Bloomberg..

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