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Upcoming white house correspondent dinner even though it is a year away from from you know from this month it's it's something that i've only had the privilege to attend for two years last year and this year and i will say that it was just fascinating for me you know i thought of until this is my personal opinion i took senator bob casey democratic us senator from pennsylvania along with his bride to the event i thought you know i thought it would be really interesting to sit in and talk with him and observe things with him and his wife and we really enjoyed especially the parts about scholarship and the students and the egyptian woman who talked about you know the price that pay for for freedom and how important it was to have a freedom of the press and and then and then you're comedian came on and it was kind of not good after that and i i don't i don't want to rehash everything but i wanna know as the person who's going to be the hostess with the most for the next event you and i've had a little bit of a conversation about the direction you thought about taking it which of course i nerd it out about totally but why don't you tell what you're thinking what you why don't you tell the listeners what you're thinking about well so for a long time i mean one of the things about being inside the beltway and being a reporter and being a white house reporter and attending these things as you know we have these conversations very rarely in public but we do have these conversations about say the correspondents' dinner and i've been involved in those conversations for a really long time and.

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