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Talk to you. Should be G. A. KIERSTEAD ANDERSON AND OLIVER TO I two people in high school that were like. Oh Oh Garcia. I remember where we were. We were in their driveway beyond snl. And I was like live live with a musical. I would've gotten out of the car I've seen in my weight and you believe you actually take their like you heard what what they said you took it in and was like I haven't I really believed it already. But he was waiting to see of anyone else they were new friends. NEW FRIENDS AREN'T GONNA say your in. Your old friends are like in my friend group. I was the third funniest. Yeah and then with my new friends they were like who is this fucking Guy Right. Yeah no you're they are your family and your friends hands are the hardest people to sell you on anything. I used to be in sales and they were the worst people to sell. So it's like they're like that the last people to believe in anything that you do. That's right I'm trying to remember. My Dad said something recently where he was like What was it evaluates? Here she would know she was like he's had something like the the whole com. Oh no no no. This is what it was what it was he goes through. A my son is a put in quote. Well stand up comic. He put it quote wrote you. Had he went television shows plural. He came to see me at the Boston Garden. It wasn't my show. That's that's twelve. Thousand people are so big and he's still puts stand up comic at quotes profit in his hometown. That's Jesus quote a prophet. So when Jesus comes back to down and everyone's like he's like I don't know what it's okay we have our own profit. She's in the Galleon at one time and he's like fact nobody in Galilee. Respect and the J. C.. See they knew him stinky. Jeez my hurt hurts. You mean. Jeez Jeez he got wedgies just like everybody of course like everybody else in middle school. Jeez he's a hate you gonNA focus and finish this pet store that it's almost over so I get off state after I had a good set and one of the door guys comes comes up to me and he goes. What ethnicity are you again? And I was like black flag on my parents are black native American. There's white there too but you know I'm a next but black and he goes. Oh because Miss Pat just called you a white person she said white white people clap for one of your people. Wh That's how she brought me up white people clap for one of your people. That's loaded oded right. I mean that's I mean yeah. Of course it's loaded. Yeah that's you getting your hair pool. That's a lot going on and it's all on her like that's insecurities from how she was raised in how society treats women that look like her and so I got confirmation from like four other comics. who were in the room who saw it happen? They were like what the fuck was at and so I just went looking for her and I couldn't find her and then a so. I just took it to twitter and take the fight founder. I put on my face. Is that so your faces slippery. Yes really yes you learn so much today vacillate on your face and we keep a razor blade late on your tongue song. I I as the no people that did that. Shit Razor Blade under the tongue. Yeah Oh yeah. No I know doesn't sound good but I understand where I they do. You know what I'm saying so yeah. I couldn't find her that night but then I took it i. I like Obama handles like an adult because I didn't want to go to sleep warn. Want her to go to sleep thing and she could disrespect me and I'm not saying anything about it so I couldn't find her. I just went on twitter. Don't let the sun go down on your anger. Why would you WANNA go atmos- packed? I understand that that is the opposite of what I understand that I represent something that is triggering for you. What did you say oh I was petty as fuck? I was pettiest talk but I came at her. And what did you say free fall out. Is that a Tom. Petty all right guys. This is my we just you walk. I alligator gotta go all right. Yeah no I just came at her like a comic in a roast style. which is how comics handle a lot of situations on become at each other like that and make jokes about it? So that's what I did so I was just telling jokes. The first thing I said was I said Miss Miss Pat. I know you're upset but disrespecting fellow comedians on stage is not going to bring the Popeye's chicken sandwich bag. That was what I came. Did the wave come out and dance plenty Jomar air. My roasts are are way like I think the thing of like saying something behind. Someone's back so nasty but like for some reason we love like saying it to each other. Yeah there's something kind of it could be Cathartic. I hope this ends and Guitar. But I don't know I. I don't know how it's ended up as you didn't tweet the backstory. You didn't say like tonight Miss Pat Brown. You know all I said was I said the the what I just told you about the disrespecting fellow comedians media so I didn't want to get you put an period before that everyone can endure. Well it was in the middle of the tweet so yeah I didn't start with atmos- pat grow but I put in the the middle the tweet so I didn't have to put the the period I where you would have. This was everybody. 'cause I and this is not a thing that she's just I've seen her heckle Jomar while he was on stage like yell stuff right in the middle of his he was having a great set. She's yelling stuff out at him for no reason. Like just being an asshole go. Only reason could be. He's on fire. Probably the only reason promptly but she also Benji a follow another comic at the store she did the same shift to him like she was bringing him up and refuse to say his name. I wouldn't say his name. 'cause Shula this Guy Mitch where do you think you are and so this is an ongoing. She has a problem. He's a history of doing this and so I'm not the only a person complain. I complained. I told Adam at the store I was like. This can't happen like we're supposed to be family here and again like black women women that are here like come on stop and so we went back and forth on twitter. She was just saying nasty. She wasn't even saying joke she was just saying she. Call me a come dumpster and she just called me. You used to be cute type and I'm like all right. You're just showing your whole ass right now. Everyone knows what you did because you obviously have jealousy Brown Michael Michael With light skin attractive women and so yeah it was bad and it didn't I ended. She kept coming and then like she is fans from like I did Rogan. But she did Rogin you can also and so his podcast and so she has a bunch of fans from Rogin. Which of course are on her side? Why what is her side her side it is being? She's the underdog she's a brown skinned fat black woman. Who obviously bobby you'RE GONNA get? You'RE GONNA get people supporting you just for that. People don't WanNa see me. They don't see me as black so they automatically think that I'm of privilege and being attractive and so they automate. You don't get fans that way. It's not conducive to comedy to would be like confident and smart ran light skinned and attractive. Have parents that love. You have a college degree you know. It's just rants not like people don't root for you. There's a lot of. There's a lot of psychology happened absolutely. Yeah and so the Dorsal that stuck up for her and like the amount of crickets that I was getting was just like okay. One people know me like you know me you know. I'm a good person you know that I'm not out here. And was she. Starting granted people didn't know the back story on twitter. They don't know but either way like Benji came into my and it was like she did the shoot me and I'm not gonna say something right are you slide in my DM's and this led into my pm don't slide into my personal messages like David spade the dirty show.

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