NBC, Debra Norval, Saleh Roker discussed on No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis


Saleh roker girl while you're at nbc news radi see news more no limits after this quick word from our sponsor are you hiring joined the over three million businesses that use indeedcom for hiring you can post a job in minutes and manager candidates from an easy to use dashboard poster next job on the world's number one job site indeedcom my mother used a commie her career girl which was basically am on another way of saying i was never going to get married not not avenue avenue saleh row girl while you're at nbc news right you see news it was i was very new at nbc and i was filling on on the today show and he was filling in on the today show because he was not yet a fulltime player there he was and wnbc and we we filled in and i was like so shmuel nervous i was shaking it was filling in for debra norval on the news desk and he was filling in for wilder scott and it was my birthday and i didn't wanna tell anybody has my birthday but i kinda wanted somebody knows my birthday and i was like so i felt so sad when i went away to college my birthday was always in some you know september 20th right after school started well here i started a new job close to the time my birthday and it was like that same sad feeling again like nobody knows and somehow he and i started talking and i must revealed that was my birthday and he said was somebody should take you out to lunch and he said i can't do it today but how about on a couple of days i'll take you about to launch this that's so sweet of you so we took me out to lunch and we kind of hit it off his friends we became friends and he was really a supporter of my work and he was always.

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