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You're gonna play the one where you're probably least likely to. Budget for points is liverpool away when it's matchday one you're going to. You're going to look at this and say you know we lost this one. But i think generally feel that they have a shot at maybe getting the three points at home. Why not I don't. I think this is a team that too young team but it's not a team. That's that's lacking in confidence. They simply came up against liberal side. Were much further along and a better team with better players and possibly better coached as well. So is it too hot then at this stage to decide what you're gonna make like. We're looking at liverpool. Who i that far removed from winning the champions we. Can you already tell if a team can go on and do that at this stage in these matches well. I don't think mill offense. I think some milan just fighting to try and get a few remember back to last year you get into milan. Finished bottom of the group went onto syria. Event is our struggle. This year they won. Yesterday is not an easy start for them. And i i think from milan's point have you always point of view. Last year was certainly a positive building block. Okay they fail away. Domestically tools the end of the season and then go as well as stock clearly but i think is a building process You know we've seen mindset in. Spent an awful lot of money. Try to this stage of winning it. And i think these teams know you know part from the odd freak year with a level as a not maybe sneaking that's gripped stage. But i don't think as much follow the not at best centene lucrative as good before bowls kicked. If you'd ac milan straight away you go right. We have to be pulled choice to have a chance of getting a group realistically. They'll look at it. Europa league up the probably expecting from from liverpool so which cain of well we can beget let a in madrid on the body by the net with the with just being them and they just don't play well but really it's gotta be let's get the euro per league but if we have if we have any chance of getting through the group we have to beat polar twice as we stop and gab. I'm not i. I know it's a popular idea that all these groups are decided ahead of time. Thirty obviously is going to go through. But i kind of disagree. Porto let's not forget took a point off of atlantic madrid. They reached the quarter-finals law season. I i wouldn't write them off is not being capable of taking points off liverpool even liverpool's away record in this competition. Think everybody knows what it is. It's not good. That's under club. So our liverpool the best the group. Yes i for my money. They're one of the top three or four sides in the world and they completely deserve to win this game tonight. But i'm going to city after match. They won and say well. It's a done deal. Led to madrid and liverpool are gonna waltz through and the other side's thinking europa league. I still think every group is still pretty much wide open. Meanwhile frankie watched Club bruges against psg messy mbappe and neymar all starts. Also again that what you said. It wasn't a good game. It wasn't a good game. Version was exceptional gift from bruise And really departed after the game. You know like the they won the game. I was expecting to for the first time. What we call the eminem..

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