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Here. You are at the Grammys in eighty nine hundred Grammy's after party. Would not there goes Linda in the Komodo inspired pink gown in two thousand. Spine. Student. You are at the Golden Globe awards in ninety two. Rock this again. Okay. No, no, no. All right. Linda, what about the slackers premier in two thousand two girls? Yeah, girl. Yes. I probably couldn't wear that. Okay. But you might keep it Christina. Are you against no? Like super. Neil Chapman, Neil Chapman. Like or something Chapman lake. Vintage is actually a piece of art that you I still have good BNA's in that like a leather. Have that because? Okay. Here's what Linda of Scooby doo premier thousand two. Xi's? Why not what is up with clearly love us travelling. Christina. In the early nineties in a blue suit. Everyone of Linda's like. Got good. She's bitching. This one. Okay. Last year's Linda the matrix revolutions for me now. Okay. All right. That's funny. Okay. Let's go to the phones. Jackie from Idaho. Jackie. What's question? He I'm so excited for dead to me. My daughter's name is actually Judy which I think is Linda character and my questions for Christina. Is it true that you turned down playing a woods in legally blonde? And if so do you regret it? Okay. So I didn't really like the stories out there. But I wasn't like actually offered it the script came to me. But at that time, I just got married with children. And I felt like it was too close to what I had just been doing. And I was very interested in not like removing myself from that. No. I don't regret it because Reese Witherspoon did a much better job than I ever could. And she has now way more money than I do and way more success. And so why would I why would I even regret that whatever? Could've worked with you could. By the way, you so successful kudos to you. Because if that was in your mind, you did so successfully move on recreate yourself some people don't do aren't able to do that. So. Linda, Ryan be wants to know. Where's the fireplace? You one on the prices, right? Okay. I kept that until about two years ago. And then the storage facility were kept it caught on fire and smoke damage on Ron, and I had to get rid of it. That's who he is. Kayla cheat texted Christina. What exactly did Chris Holmes words? Prosthetic? Dick, look like in vacation who said it was pressed. Let's go to Sally from Tennessee, Holly. Hey, Andy, I just wanna say we all love you here in Chattanooga. Yeah. Some questions for Linda, what was your reaction to all the behind the scenes drama over how truthful the story of green book was? Oh, it was. You know, it was I learned a lot of it as I was going through it. And I think that it was I think it was part of it was there were things that hadn't come out yet. That were true that were supportive of their real friendship. And they said that the friendship wasn't real. And there was a lot of things that went back and forth, and there's many many sides to this to the story. But I feel like I was glad that people were heard on on all sides of the thing. And also, I think that even if you are trying to make a documentary about somebody you're never gonna cover every part of their life. So I think that the the movie did was cover sort of slice of of of his life. And for people who didn't know who Dr Shirley was. I think it was it was a nice introduction to him. And I hope that there's more stuff made about him because he was brilliant. Let's go to Anna from Chicago. Hi, anna. What's your question? Hi, guys. My question is for Christina Applegate. 'cause you know, I have to tell you too Ellen Crandall the reason I work in fashion merchandising, I love you like question is what you remember of Megan Markle from when her dad worked on the set of married with children..

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