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Good morning good evening wherever you may be across the nation around the world that George nori walking a coach to coach the I'm a virgin artist tonight for the first couple hours later tonight ninety seconds to live a life you love is what's happening first of all our deepest condolences to the family members of those people who have been killed or injured and wounded and the two horrible shooting episodes over the weekend authorities announced at the massacre at a Walmart in el Paso Texas where a gunman opened fire killing at least twenty one to twenty six others is being investigated as a domestic terrorism case officials are looking into whether hate crime charges for the suspect has been already charged with capital murder happens to be appropriate the suspect has been identified by law enforcement as Patrick CS a twenty one year old from Allen Texas investigators were examining the manifesto that may have been written by the suspect that would indicate a hate crime very tragic what's wrong with these people so much eight folks so much in Dayton Ohio the sister the gunman in that deadly rampage in Dayton Ohio was among the nine killed during the early morning shooting at a very popular night life area that left dozens injured the deputy director of the Dayton police department has identified the gunman as a twenty four year old Connor that's his sister a twenty two year old Megan was among the nine killed that's was killed by police less than a minute after he opened fire with a two twenty three caliber rifle in the streets of the organ district there in Dayton Ohio what a tragedy there but again our condolences to those victims family members of course in those injured and of course they it continues in London a teenager was arrested on attempted murder charges after child was tossed on the top platform of the Tate modern art gallery in London the six year old is thrown from the tenth floor right now in critical condition but bad bad shape for any of the revolutionary guards have seized Iraqi oil tanker in the Gulf which they said was smuggling fuel and detain seven crewmen it's a show of power in amid heightened tension with the west your doctor Jerome Corsi checking in with us Jerry the situation with Iran is going to blow up I can feel it now it certainly seems that way George I mean this is the third seizure of a oil tanker by around in the last few weeks yeah around just seems to be determined to provoke a incident that will cause a war with United States because we've pull out of the agreement that president Obama did with Iran and we've imposed very severe sanctions and it's hurting Ron Ron I think it's trying to create an incident which will produce a regional war which I think Iran believes will be in their favor this is you know what has been happening lately with Iran trying to work you know taken detain some of these oil tankers just a matter of time they're going to wear get to the wrong one and something's going to happen well I think it's right judgment twenty percent of the global oil consumption goes through the straits of Hormuz right off the it is in the Iranians the the Gulf of Ron everyday answer later one of those going to be an American ship and some incident is going to occur where president trump is gonna feel compelled to respond with a military response the the the danger of war is growing I think with Iran every day any day this could break out into a regional war a global war and Ron seems determined to provoke with an incident like the seizure another oil tanker and into the that will cause the US military response and we will be at war I like this I've been I'm I'm actually right now George recording in.

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