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Everything she needed generation. She wanted more attention. So I I love this again at very soft pushback against you know if it's an Asia story we've gotTa talk about the immigrant you know immigrant journey and all this kind of stuff was such a good Randall Park. Yes always be my. Maybe if you haven't seen it I hope you're still alive. I can't understand why you would not have so you oranges firearm net flix. Yeah Watch it. I want you done with that. Go back and find his earliest. I promise you like Nicole said. He puts his thumbprint on everything that he is in. And every time you see him I promise you your soul will do a little flip because you're like. Oh He's here going to be good. That's the runner Pug promise. Oh He's here. It's going to be good. I like thank you best believe. I'll punch Keanu reeves and it was better than any seen you could see speed. I John Wickham amount feeling so appealing. Basically God you could call me. Hercules much beyond reason. It was better than anything you could see speed. I'm telling repeal I couldn't okay Bam yes it's time. YEAH FANTASTIC WAR A. That's my song. Hey I'm so intrigued to hear. Ah what you're going to write about Randall. Park I'm intrigued to like. I love him so much like He. He's he's kind of like that at the sounds Sarong but I promise you. It's no he gives me that warm heat So it's not like hot hot heat's what is he from like. I started my belly and then it travels like it's like a Cima You know Heats you up gradually in anybody you like. Why am I saying it's random bill? That's how I feel so I wanted to write something that felt a little bit like that kind of slow burn to us. The board cost Labor. Like I wanted to have that feeling of new excitements. So that's kind of what I was. That's the position I was because I was thinking about Rondo. I'm trying to think you know we talked about. How our projecting yes and I wanted to kind of project? The feeling that Ronald gives me back into serve at random. Yes okay I'm ready. Thank you thank you very much the off the third try. I could feel my face. Heating the cashier behind behind the counter had a sympathetic glint in her eyes as she turned the screen back to her side. I promise I've used this call today. I said I held up my bag of groceries as evidence. The magnetic attic strict was just fine ten minutes ago the cashiers small kindly. We've been having trouble with the car rita this weekend she said not entirely convincingly. Do you having having cash. I was busy shaking my head. No when someone lightly slapped their hand on the counter next to me hey get hers and mine too. I could hear the smile his voice even before I caught it on his face even from the side I could see it was a wide smile. He turned his head to bestirred on me directly and I caught the flash of his teeth the corners of his eyes wrinkling attractively as the green rounded out his cheeks. I felt my face get hot for an altogether different reason. How often acute cute strangest? Turn out to be good Samaritans. Oh I call it you pay for my drink. I protested. It was happening anyway but had to offer a token protest. He turned his body more fully toward me. His hair peeks out from underneath his beanie waving as it met the nape of his neck. Oh of course you can. He replied with strangers. I said more firmly. He grinned that big again and came out of his lean on the counter to extend a hand. I'm Randall. He said and I shook his hand and told him my name. See he said we're not strangers anymore. He talks his chin as he said. It's a move that was a fifty fifty mix of confidence and diffidence. I I reached over to grab my time but stopped when I felt his hand. Cover mine hang on. He said he gestured at the cashier for something to write with and then scribbled something on the side of my cup satisfied his liver over my number he said in case. You WanNa buy me coffee. One day migrants stayed on my face as I noted in left the cafe when I look back through the window Rondo will still smiling back. I love it. It's not what you want. Yes I can see his smile. We didn't talk much about his smile. He has a really beautiful. I'm very wide smile. Yes it comes up slow yes and then it fully on folk near like wrap me in that. Oh my God I love you rental. Fog Shout out to your wife Mrs Park. Okay so Nicole. I WanNa see what you have come up with this week. was Mr Randall Park. Are I object of the week of the big smile and the gray hair and the wonderful is yes. You mentioned all of this slow burning stuff. Yes yes subscribe to slow burn on slate and Nice Real Nice. Yeah I'm just GONNA I'm just GonNa read it or Erica. I'm I'm ready. Hold on let me let me throw all right go ahead. It's Fine Yaw. I yelled out of the bedroom door. Randall will take the couch in here. Six in the morning for some skiing absolutely will not be doing. I closed the door and leaned against it. My eyes meeting Rantel's do you think they know he stage-whispered whispered. Did you tell anyone what no you know. They've been trying to set us up forever. I bet this whole one room one bit thing is idea. She loves that Shit Shit rambled turned to the fireplace and began stacking logs in an orderly. Fashion I squatted down to join him and twisted old newspaper for Kindling. Do you think think we gave anything away. I asked him quietly leaned my head against his shoulder. The fire caught quickly and the sound of the flames moving along the logs already began to soothe me. or maybe it was the forehead kiss. Randall gave me before. He gathered me more fully in his arms. Maybe it's hard for me not to look at you without every memory from the last last few weeks showing on my face I turned to kiss him for his time and the kiss lasted two beats too long he pulled back and asked. Is it so overall that I wanted to keep you to myself just a little while longer before our friends try to plan our wedding and Neymar Blazin. Kids know baby. I said I want just us for as long as we can manage to. He kissed me again. Lowering my back to the floor. Moving us a little bit away from the fire dancing. And it's home do you. You think you can keep quiet. He breathed into the soft corner of my neck. I pulled his hair until his face glowing from the flames above mine. I don't know can you. He worked a hand into my unbuttoned jeans and guest into his mouth. He smart at me. No Yo bitch shout them you absolute bitch if I see you on road. It's on sites. What super directly injected into my mother fucking veins? What's that is every single one? One of my fam- fake yes. Oh my God as Calvin skiing along via bitch I just is logged into a and this is like a TV show of my own devising. This is amazing Nicole. Thank you so much I appreciate the shoutout I feel. Wow Wow I really like fuck my nominations for my rights as fuck boy. I wrote play. WHO SAYS I've made it into do? I have made it into one of your fix as a named character a friend. I'm Bam yeah I do love that Shit you nailed it. Can I just say uh-huh characters so I mean you got it I love it. Why do you know what I don't care about the poll? You win like you. That's your story. That's like a sneaky ass move but I am here for it because it means that I want you to win. Now share our producers. She saw flushed. Wow what a good well they have it listeners. First Buckets you have quite the treats this week. I don't having to do myself down but I think you know how to vote this week. We will put a poll up on our twitter We usually put it up on a Friday. So you have all of Thursday to listen and gather your thoughts and in this case you you will have to gather your thoughts amongst other things and then on Friday you get to pick which of the Rondo stories you like. Do you want him to be scribbling his number on a cup in a cafe or do you want his Hans inside of Nicole's genes in front of fire so those era options Very difficult for me to actually for myself this week to be very fucking honest But anyway you have the choice. Go to twitter. At first aid kits and register you'll votes all votes count and if nothing else it's good practice for the elections in the UK and also soon to be in the US. Listen the politics of the world man this escape but I've just got to mention it registered to vote and and vote anyway. That's the end of fantastic wars Nicole. You have killed me. Dead Alive. Still late broke already the ground..

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