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Know? Give yourself from the Alpha test utterly predictable player with the media for nobody knew it served. No fucking blaming them for dwelling on his Megalomania we know he's a fucking lunatic at this point. What would you? What would you like okay? So Se Robinson's there yesterday. What are you asking the President? I'm asking the president. Hey can we talk to the people who actually know what the fuck is going on? Would you ask him have you? Have you made any progress in leveraging private sector partners to help Fight this crisis are. We started setting up hospitals in the parking one. Good question was about this national quarantine which you brought onto the show yesterday. Which turned out to be foreign disinformation. Oh boy what's that? The idea of a national quarantine trump bringing. It was bullshit rumor. I know but I'm just saying I. You were in the opposite which I did know. That work is a media member southern remorse and this. Is You Brian? So that was bullshit. Spread foreign disinformation. I said it was Bullshit Leno is that was the only good question asked the press conference yesterday just to clarify that. Which trump did he said? You know. I mean it's something we could do but no no plans to do it right now. Talk at all. But they'll be speaking. Yeah ideally I wouldn't have him fuck crate and the biggest biggest craziest time in history that would send an awesome message to America into the World President United States. I think he has. He's he's not capable of delivering the kind of that frozen state of the United States and when he talks capacity George W Bush is saying he doesn't have the empathy or the the I guess the Communist that Bush did post nine eleven to deliver reassuring unifying speech. Because he's such a polarizing figure pets on pens as much better. He's much more calm and reassuring Prescott Airport back. I think he's been good. He's but But there's no heft to him though because he's a little Guy President of the United States I mean is there. Is there heft to anything? That president trump says his. You've been able to reassure a worried. I'll tell you what trump I'll tell you. When trump did a great job. He gave his only great speech. I thought terms of like leader when what's his face got shot Squeezed is that his name. Oh Yeah yes Steve scalise by the Bernie Sanders Guy Right. Of course we know we know. Hodgkin's Stephen left wing inspired by two huge fan of Rachel maddow. Yeah right lost over. Greatest attempted political assassination in American history. Why Bernie Bro Grayson attempted. Yeah what do you mean we have you not succeeding wasn't successful. He was there to kill like a dozen Republican elected officials. That's the greatest attempt to one. That didn't happen. The greatest attempted political assassination. Us history Better than Ray than Reagan. Well that he wasn't trying to kill multiple elected officials. I'm a Reagan got shot. Can we say I hope you? Republicans House Democrats. There was a fucking killer right there with a fucking dynasty nasty fuck and we'll use the GIPPER right now Steve. We could exactly he was the great communicator. I mean don't be nervous with all with a nine year old Ronald Reagan. Don't get me wrong. Donald Trump's sense of humor unparalleled for the presidency. But it's just not what you need at this moment right. He gave himself a ten. Don't get me wrong. Also I'm GonNa vote for him again. I didn't vote from the first time. I will vote for him now. Okay I don't WanNa get we'll save that. Sec's his world is if if they're lashing SEM right there. Well I mean that's what. I wonder like how you know the postpone where they postpone. Yesterday they post a primary Louisiana's postpone another one. They attempted to postpone something in Illinois. I think Dwayne in Ohio was trying to postpone those elections but a judge pod and said no elections have to move the fuck. You GonNa do that. I talked to this issue with us. Do that tough situation. I think there's a. There's an irony in that Some of trump's critics are have long feared him becoming authoritarian cracking NBA abusing. The presidency are now bitching at him for not being more fair authoritarian. It's like a damned if you do damned if you don't situation you drink later what's that Cuba's doing a good job at sound Hanley fine? Here's yeah we'll get to all that we'll get. I don't know I mean I. I can't pretend like I'm coronavirus. Helped because there's so much I find this stuff ag- I don't talk about the fucking virus and when's it going to end in all his bullshit? It's stupid it's like fucking nobody know literally. Nobody knows if nobody knows. Except for you Steve. Nobody actually knows. These doctors want tells you it'll peak in August another one says it'll be done by June other says it'll be three years. Nobody knows I think we are one Robinson prediction away from people coming to this. Podcast FOR CORONA virus. Pretty maybe knows another one. We're GONNA get a lot of new listeners. Might be right poor Harry they. They're having Wrestlemainia but they're gonNA do it like the WWE's like training center. No I don't think so either. I was cancelled completely to the training centre with no fans. They're really good. Fucking bizarre wrestlemanias wrestlemanias. One where you kind of lose something without the fans football basketball when really matter but any of those like one liners without Washer last last night because they did the the there's well in like Like what's his face. Steve Austin came out and it was just weird. Does hold still chugged beers? If there's no crowd showbiz he was a couple of Steve Wiser. She He did before Harry. It's not right. He's got this bizarre when these kids are for me. Sort of the formative thing in my youth in terms of this stuff is probably challenger explosion and then you had Nine eleven obviously for generations. Like you guys but you know I mean this. This is going to be it. I think I remember generation also had the Collapse of W why yes. What do you mean? So destructive event memorable one was the collapse of the when you left. No I mean as a Kid. A formative years immediate. She's sick to with.

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