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Wanted vehicle early last night and the girl was in the backseat Miguel Rodriguez arrested and now facing multiple charges state police lieutenant Charles Murray says a girl is doing okay All Things Considered probably not appear to have any injuries she was evaluated by for their we hope that she will overcome the memory of this terrible incident we have a long and happy life on behalf of the masses the state police were grateful that we had an opportunity to find and rescue her before something even worse happens there may have been a second suspect involved police are working on that as we speak the main award and service along with the US fish and Wildlife Service are asking now for the public's help regarding the shooting of a bald eagle police say the eagle was discovered on Sunday near route one oh wait and the address Skagen river in the town of Peru the eagle later died and X. rays and showed it had been shot a twenty five hundred dollar reward is now being offered for information leading up to a conviction more questions from the FAA this morning after a delta flight jumps jet fuel all over Los Angeles neighborhood hitting schools and making dozens of children sick CBS news correspondent Chris van Cleve says even in an emergency dumping fuel over city streets and at such a low altitude is not typical you want that extra altitude so the fuel has time to dissipate before it gets to the ground that didn't happen here delta tells us they're still working to fully understand what did happen here No pilots are given a lot of leeway in responding to an emergency the focus here of course was getting a hundred and sixty five people on that plane on the ground safely by the way the flight was bound for China and had just taken off one engine issues force you to turn around luckily everyone on board was okay the kids on the school playground also in good shape drama over night off the coast of Alabama but there is a happy ending three people who abandoned their ship after caught fire near the Gulf coast have been rescued and are okay three commercial fishermen on board were able to escape onto a life raft and then a crew from the Coast Guard brought the trio to the shore the celebrity mom is being offered minimum jail time for plea after allegedly breaking the law do you know low went to jail after being arrested over the weekend for allegedly drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident prosecutors have offered the mom to Lindsey a plea deal that would put her in jail for six months she would also be subject to five years probation under the deal prosecutors say she was driving a Mercedes when leaving a Long Island New York mall when she hit another car and drove off the driver followed while calling nine one one police allege she smelled like alcohol and fell out of her car face first she's free without bail due back in court next month mac Piper CBS news first public engagement since announcing that he and the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle are to step back from the royal duties prince Harry is hosting the twenty twenty one rugby league World Cup draw at Buckingham Palace the prince will be meeting representatives of the twenty one nations taking part as well as local children who are playing rugby she an unprecedented show in Saudi Arabia's capital with a young girl taking center stage to represent the kingdom's future generations here CBS's Sabina castle Franco in Riyadh lady love the land of imagination is a show taking place and re ad aimed at celebrating the future of a vibrant Saudi society E. P. medical bandage twenty twenty is an amazing year for Saudi Arabia because things are actually physically changing by end of composer anymore music is everywhere concerts this big show in the stadium in a way summarized this kind of energy the main protagonist is ten year old girl Layla who embodies the new Saudi generation Sabina castle Franco's CBS news Riyadh there are many issues that unite as these days but CBS's but Michigan has one Americans received almost sixty billion robo call the card last year an increase of IRS is filing a lawsuit against you twenty two percent from twenty eighteen that's according to we have found some suspicious activities in your iCloud account you mail a company that blocks robo calls the president recently signed an anti robo call bill press two to listen to this message again or if you wish to contact us later no thank you but Michigan CBS news robo calls very annoying and never helpful what is helpful is us.

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